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The Fynnster

Oh, Fynn. Our sweet boy who always makes us laugh and keeps us on our toes! He is such a snuggly and affectionate little boy. He loves to curl up in my lap, or snuggle up next to Jackson. He still sucks his thumb despite our many many efforts to stop it. He will drop everything to come sit and cuddle while reading books, and will do so for at least an hour at a time.

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July/August 2018 Update

So I never did get around to writing my July family update, so I'll do one post for July and August here now!  

We spent the first part of July in Oklahoma.  This was super relaxing, and it is always great to spend time with family!  We got to set off fireworks, play in a pool, go to a jump space, do an escape room, go to a water park, and pedicures!  I'd say it was a pretty great trip!

Once we were back from Oklahoma, we settled into our summer routine.

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June 2018 Update

June was a fun and busy month for us!  It's been an unusually hot June for New York, so we've mostly spent the month trying to stay cool!  We went out to Long Island one day to visit family and take a quick trip to Robert Moses Beach.  Gigi, Bop, Uncle Jason, & Aunt Lexxie came to visit us, and Aly had her dance recital and moving up ceremony!  School ended on the 26th, and then we flew to OK the next day, where we still are!  Time is flying by, and I'm grateful to spend it with lots of friends and family!

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