March/April 2018 Update

I have clearly been slacking, so I am finally sitting down and writing a blog update for both March & April!

We started out March with a couple last days in Australia and then we slowly made our way back home.  Once we got home, we were welcomed right back into a New York City winter, complete with a snow day to enjoy.  

In these past two months, we celebrated Adriana's first birthday, played in snow, had Gigi, Bop, Uncle Jason & Aunt Lexxie visit, enjoyed Spring Break with a trip to the Liberty Science Center, celebrated Easter, and Mami's 30th birthday!  Ron was incredible and surprised me with a birthday dinner with my closest friends on the LES.  I was so surprised, and it was perfect!  Then to top it off, Aly and Ron made me cupcakes for my birthday!  Such a sweet birthday. 

Here's some quick updates on the kids:

Alynne Tiffany

Aly has really exploded with her reading these last two months.  She can read most of our books on her own and loves to read constantly.  She is currently reading at a 1st/2nd grade reading level! Her favorite books to read right now are the Mercy Watson books.

Aly and I had a mommy/daughter date this month and we went to Alice's Tea Cup.  She absolutely loved this!  I can't believe how big she is getting, and that we get to do fun things together, like going out for breakfast and tea!

This month Aly learned how to whistle!  She is so proud of this accomplishment! She practiced for weeks before mastering!

Fynnlan Arevalo

So much has changed with Fynn these last two months!  

First of all, he is now potty trained!  He caught on super fast, and has done so great (overall)!  Most impressively, he has been accident free all night, every night since Day 1.  Woah!

Fynn is also working on not sucking his thumb during the day, and does well overall, with reminders!

Fynn has really mastered riding his scooter now.  He is quite the pro at it- he can maneuver around people on the sidewalks, brake when he needs to, outruns Mama, and is learning how to read the crosswalk signs!

Silly little thing
Playground fun
Fynn can count to 20!
"My shirt says, 'hip hop you don't stop'"
A snowy day
Potty conversations
The best live entertainment
A warm day at last!
Palm Sunday--Hosanna
Firefighter Fynn
Don't wake the bears!
Easter according to Fynn!
Fynn's favorite thing to color these days- bear poop.
Evening Parades