Roman Xavi- 6 Months Later

Sweet Roman,

Today you would have been 6 months old.  Instead, you have spent the past 6 months in Heaven.  Today, Aly asked if you were growing in Heaven.  I too wonder and dream about what you are doing and what it's like for you. All I know is that is better than anything we can ever dream of.  

It's hard not having you here.  Really, really hard.  We miss you daily, and our family feels incomplete without you here.  Mondays are quite the juxtaposition.  We lost you on a Monday, so every Monday, I am starkly reminded of that day.  Yet, Mondays now also mark a new week of growth for your little brother.  Each Monday I count the weeks since I lost you, and the weeks pregnant with your brother.  How can one's heart feel such pain and joy in the same moment? 

Tonight, as I put your brother and sister to bed, I prayed like I always do, for them to come to know Jesus some day.  I was struck in that moment, remembering how we used to pray that for you too.  And how God has already answered that prayer.  You know him more intimately than Mami or Papi can even imagine.  It brings joy to my tear-stained face to think about the Lord's goodness in how he answered our most important prayer for you.  For that I am grateful. 

Til Heaven My Prince,