The Fynnster

Oh, Fynn. Our sweet boy who always makes us laugh and keeps us on our toes! He is such a snuggly and affectionate little boy. He loves to curl up in my lap, or snuggle up next to Jackson. He still sucks his thumb despite our many many efforts to stop it. He will drop everything to come sit and cuddle while reading books, and will do so for at least an hour at a time.

And then he flips a switch. And Fynn enters his pretend world, made up of mean dinosaurs, mean dragons, mean doggies, bad guys, and mean trains. He loves to stomp around acting out various scenarios. One that we act out on a daily basis is where I play with the lego people or his construction vehicles, and he pretends to be a mean dragon who is sleeping, but then wakes up to find them. But in the end of every scenario, his character always ends up nice :)

Speaking of characters. Fynn really gets into characters. Like will only respond if you call him whoever he is currently being.
-Fynn, come brush your teeth
-Call me Black Panther.
-Okay, Black Panther, it’s time to brush your teeth.
There have been many occasions where he is pretending to be an animal that can’t talk, such as a dog, and he will only respond to us in various forms of barking.

Fynn is definitely a hands-on learner. He loves to build and create with legos, magnatiles, and train tracks. We spend hours building things with Fynn! He is always so creative in his creations.

Fynn has come a long way in his academic learning this year. Fynn has challenged me because his learning style is so different from Aly (and myself), but it has been so fun to watch him learn. He can now spell his name and can identify every letter and knows most of their sounds. He is not very interested in worksheets or drawing, but definitely enjoys using dot markers, glue, and scissors!

Fynn is silly. Like extremely silly. He will do anything and everything to get a laugh out of people. He makes us laugh constantly with his antics. Fynn makes friends with everyone he meets on the streets and buses, and I can’t tell you how many times strangers on the bus or train have told me just how funny Fynn is. He even makes us laugh while we’re trying to discipline him. I often find myself fighting off smiles as I try to convey seriousness to him, even though I’m dying laughing inside! I wish I had more pictures or videos of this, but I did find one small example :)

Fynn being silly during Tot School

Fynn and Aly. Where do I even begin with these two? They are such sweet friends, something I have always prayed for. Every day Fynn is so excited for Aly to come home from school to play with him. They’re at such a fun age where they can step into their imaginary world for hours. I am so thankful they have each other!

And then Jackson came along and showed us a whole different side of we didn’t know! He has stepped into his role of big brother so well. When we first brought Jackson home from the hospital, he didn’t want anyone else to hold him. Even still, if Jackson is awake, he wants to be near him, always hugging and kissing him. He has learned how to be gentle and how to to soothe him when he cries. I can’t wait to see them together in the years to come!

This fall, Papi and Fynn got to take a special father-son trip to California together. This was such a sweet time for them. Fynn loved having all of the one-on-one attention, and they made so many fun memories!
Fynn loves to be silly with Papi. Their current favorite thing to do is to say “bathroom words” together, which always results in fits of giggles from Fynn. Oh, boys! ;)

No one loves his Mami, like this boy does!! Fynn is still my baby boy, who loves to snuggle up in his momma’s lap. I happily soak up all of the snuggles, and then we are off to play in some made up adventure for the day! I am cherishing my last year with Fynn at home all day!!

In December, we visited Martinique. It was such a wonderful, relaxing vacation. Fynn and Aly played nonstop, and Fynn is learning to be more comfortable in water. He has a love/hate relationship with swim class currently. He will scream for the majority of class, but when it’s over, he asks to get back in haha.

Fynn with some of his friends!

We are so proud of the young boy Fynn is becoming! He may test the boundaries and our patience often, but man he is so worth it! He is such a wonderful, smart, funny, charismatic little boy! We love you so much, Fynnlan!