Jackson Graham- Week 22

22 weeks old

Jackson is 22 weeks old today! He turned 5 months old yesterday, where we spent the entire day traveling home from Hawaii.

And guess what! Jackson has officially started laughing!! I caught his first little giggles on video, and it was just adorable! We have been waiting for this moment for awhile!

Jackson had a great week spent in Hawaii. He continued to just go with the flow, and he loved napping on me all the time! But boy, he sure did hate the car seat! He never did get used to being in the car and he would just wail every time he was inside it. Poor guy, he is definitely a city kid ;)

Jackson just rolled with the long day of travel and did wonderfully on both flights, and he is even handling jet lag like a champ!

Iā€™m sure Jackson is happy to be back home and sleeping in his crib for naps and getting back to some sort of normalcy in our routines.

We love you, Jackson!

Big Brother's version of Itsy bitsy spider
Jackson's first laugh!