Jackson Graham- Week 21

21 weeks old

Jackson is 21 weeks old today!

We have spent this entire week in Hawaii! Jackson did so great on the two plane rides to Oahu, and he even handled the jet lag like a champ! We weren’t quite sure what to expect with that, but he adjusted without any problems! I will say that Jackson has definitely missed napping in his crib or bassinet. We’ve mostly been out and on the go, so he has had to nap mostly on me or in the stroller. He has settled into napping in the Ergo, but loathes the car seat now haha. We arrived in Maui late last night, and he wails every time we have to get in our rental car! Poor boy is not a fan of the car seat anymore!

Gigi and Bop joined us for our time in Oahu, and Jackson sure did get lots of extra loving this week! He was happily passed around all week.

Jackson has really showed us just how flexible and easy going he is this week. He has been so content to do whatever we are doing for the day, rarely fussing about it.

Jackson has started to become interested in toys and reaching to hold things! We are always so happy to see him step into new milestones!

We’re looking forward to our week in Maui with Jackson!

Excited to have arrived in Hawaii!
Getting some help from Mami to go to sleep