Jackson Graham- Week 23

23 weeks old

Jackson Graham is 23 weeks old today! Over the weekend, Jackson had his first little sickness, a fever and a cold. He was mostly just extra sleepy, so it wasn’t too bad!


We got the ok to drop his dreamfeed at night, so he is now working towards truly sleeping through the night (8pm-8am). Also, with the 5 hour time difference from Hawaii, it took a few nights to get back adjusted. The second night home, he was up from 10:30-2:30!! He has also been waking up between 6-7 wanting his paci to get back to sleep. The big kids have also been sick this week, so Ron and I have felt very sleep deprived between 3 kids waking us up during the night! Hopefully better sleep is on the horizon!


Like I said, we officially dropped the dreamfeed, so now Jackson is down to 5 feedings. He does a bit longer stretch in the morning, and the shorter at night. He also still takes a bottle of pumped milk at bedtime.


Jackson has started going through some major separation anxiety, and I don’t just mean from me, more like, in general. He can’t stand to be left alone. If I lay him down to play and then walk into another room, he is instantly panicked and upset. On the flip side, if someone is holding him or even just next to him, he is happy as a clam, no matter who it is!

Jackson loves to munch on his pointer finger and pretty much always has one or the other in his mouth.
He has started to become a little more interested in toys. He will track the objects and look towards sounds he hears. He responds when he hears his name. Our baby boy is getting so big!


Jackson is 12 lbs 5 oz and still not on the charts, but he’s growing on his own little curve, so that’s okay!
He wears mostly 3-6 month clothes and size 2 diapers!
Jackson is losing all of his hair. Okay, so maybe not all of it, but like a good 60% of it haha. At first it was just his bald spot, but over the past week or so, it has really amped up and now all that is left is a half inch strip of hair around the bottom/edges and what’s being held on top by all the cradle cap. Poor boy!!


8:15 Feeding
9:30 Nap
11:30 Feeding
1:00 Nap
2:15 Feeding
3:45 Nap
5:30 Feeding
7:30 Feeding
8:00 Bedtime