Jackson Graham- Week 24

24 weeks old

Jackson is 24 weeks old (yesterday)! This past week has been a bit of a blur, as we were all sick. Thankfully (for us), Aunt Lorrie came to visit us this weekend! And now I think we are all finally better! Jackson started it all last week, and then ended up getting sick again this week with an eye infection. I guess that’s what happens when 5 people live in 800 sq ft!

I feel like this week I can really see Jackson getting so big. He’s less and less a newborn each day. He is interested in toys now, knows how to express himself, and is becoming so alert and interactive.

Jackson loves to chew on his left pointer finger and thumb and does this constantly!

Before Hawaii, Jackson preferred to sleep in the car seat/stroller when we were on the go and struggled with the carrier, but now he has flip flopped! So I am wearing him a lot more these days, because if I want him to sleep in his car seat, I must be prepared to rock him to sleep and hold his hand the entire time!

Night time sleep has just gotten crazy! What happened to sleeping through the night?! Oh right, we took you 5 time zones away and back haha. Jackson has been waking around 10pm every night and it can take him several hours to go back to sleep no matter what we do! So earlier this week we decided to move Jackson into the room with Aly and Fynn at night. It was a little sooner than we had planned, but we thought we were waking him up whenever we would come to bed and maybe he would have a better chance in the other room. We have been pleasantly surprised with how well bedtime has gone with the three of them together! Aly and Fynn have done great being quiet and leaving him alone. Unfortunately, Jackson is still waking up around 10, so he has only made one full night in the other room. Fingers crossed he’ll get this worked out soon!

Oh, and last but not least, Jackson is a big cousin now! His little cousin, Lyra was born yesterday! Can’t wait for them to meet!

Cheering Jackson up when he was sick!