June 2018 Update

June was a fun and busy month for us!  It's been an unusually hot June for New York, so we've mostly spent the month trying to stay cool!  We went out to Long Island one day to visit family and take a quick trip to Robert Moses Beach.  Gigi, Bop, Uncle Jason, & Aunt Lexxie came to visit us, and Aly had her dance recital and moving up ceremony!  School ended on the 26th, and then we flew to OK the next day, where we still are!  Time is flying by, and I'm grateful to spend it with lots of friends and family!

Alynne Tiffany

-Alynne is such a fancy little girl.  She loves to wear headbands, necklaces, bracelets, and fancy shoes at any given time.  The first thing she asks when she gets home from school is to let her hair down and put on all of her jewelry!  One day, I bought her a new (very fancy) romper and I went to put it on her for school one morning.  Aly very reasonably said she didn't want to wear it that day because it was super fancy and she wanted to wear it for her moving up ceremony...and she could not be seen wearing it before that day.

-Aly is ultra protective of Fynn.  She looks out for him and cares for him so well.  She always makes sure to include him at the playground or with friends, and I love that!  One day, Aly marched right over to a group of preteens and said, "hey guys, you need to be very careful playing here because my little brother is here, okay?"

-Aly's new favorite color is "rainbow" and "pastels"

-Aly had her second dance recital.  She did such a wonderful job, and we are so proud of her!  

-Alynne has officially finished Pre-K!  What a wonderful year!  It has flown by!  Aly has grown so much this year.  She went from drawing the same circle blobs for everything to drawing detailed picture scenes and people.  She went from beginning to read some sight words to reading chapter books.  She went from being a shy quiet little girl, to being the leader of the class!  So proud of you, Alygator!

-Mami & Papi went to the movies one night when we got to Oklahoma.  While the kids were staying with Gigi and Bop, Aly made up a wonderfully-New York game to play, called "Rats in the Trash."  LOL.  She and Fynn climbed into the trampoline and had Gigi pour balls (trash) on top of them, while they pretended to be rats in the trash.  Oh my goodness.  Haha!

-Aly is still processing and grieving the loss of her brother, and also dealing with an array of emotions as we await Jackson.  One night at dinner we were talking about going on vacation and how Jackson would be with us.  Aly stopped me and said, "No Mami, IF Jackson doesn't die, then he'll come."  So we're trying to explain that Roman's death is not a normal possibility for babies, and also encourage her (and us) to speak like we know he'll come home, even though we do have these fears.  Big worries for a little girl.

-Lastly, this is random, but I haven't listed it in quite some time--here are the states and countries Aly has been to:
States (11)--New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, D.C., Connecticut, Florida, Michigan, California, & Oklahoma. 
Countries (4)--Bahamas, U.K., France, & Australia.  

Fynnlan Seeley

-Fynn continues to grow and amaze us at all that he is learning and taking in these days.  He is incredibly active all the time haha, and I am going to miss our one-on-one days over the summer.  We'll only get about one more month of it once school starts up again too!

-Fynn is funny.  Like really funny.  He makes us laugh often.  And it's all I can do to keep a straight face with him when I am disciplining him.  

-He responds in the most stoic-grownup ways to things. 
"Fynn do you want some fruit?"  "I do." 
"Fynn, what happened?"  "I was mad, so I hit him."

-One day I was hovering over Fynn climbing at the playground.  Fynn turned to me and said, "Mami can you give me a little space please? I'm really good at climbing."  True, buddy, true.

-Fynn gets really into characters.  Every day he chooses something new to be.  He insists on being called it all day.  ("Fynn, are you ready to eat lunch?"  "Call me Batman.")  It is usually superheroes, but occasionally it will be animals in which case he will only "speak" like that animal.  He is quite committed.  

-Fynn is such a sweet boy.  One day I was crying because I was missing Roman extra, and Fynn came and hugged me and said, "Baby Roman is in Heaven, playing trucks with Jesus, so it's okay Mami!"

-Lastly, here are the states and countries Fynn has been to:
States (10)--New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, D.C., Connecticut, Florida, California, & Oklahoma. 
Countries (3)--U.K., France, & Australia.  

Courtyard fun with friends!
A swing is better with two �
Working on monkey bars!
Taking little brother on a stroll
Final bow!
Aly's Pre-K graduation ceremony-- Who Let the A Out
Aly's Pre-K graduation ceremony-- Zip a Dee Do Da
Aly's Pre-K graduation ceremony-- Aly received the Wise Owl award
Aly's Pre-K graduation ceremony-- What a Wonderful World
Fynn's first soccer class!
Fynn's first soccer class!
Fynn's first soccer class!
Trampoline fun!
Pool time!
Bounce house!
A beautiful day to fly kites!