May 2018 Update

May was a fun-filled month!  Most notably, we found out we are having another boy, and we decided on his name--Jackson Graham Arevalo.  Aly got to go rock climbing, we visited grandparents in Long Island, we spent a day upstate, had a gender reveal party, everyone got a stomach bug, and we spent the weekend in Jersey for our 7th Annual Memorial Day Weekend. This has been such a fun tradition, getting to spend every year with some of our closest friends!

Alynne Tiffany

-At the beginning of the month, Aly got to go rock climbing for a friend's birthday party.  Aly is usually very cautious and risk-averse, so I expected that if she did even try it, she'd make it up a couple of feet before wanting down.  Ron was running late, so I asked Aly to wait (thinking that if she went now, Ron would miss the only time she did it).  Finally, she couldn't wait any longer, so I let her go up.  Wow, did she surprise us all or what!  She climbed almost to the very top on the first try!! Ron walked in right as she was approaching the ceiling.  We were both amazed!  And she did it several more times after too.  I love when kids surprise you!

-That same day was also Aly's school carnival.  The kids both had lots of fun, and Aly had her face painted, which is always a favorite!

-Aly was the first to get the stomach bug in our family, and then it slowly took down the rest of us one at a time.  While the rest of us were sick, she was so sweet and caring (as usual).  She made Ron and I "get well" cards and prayed for us to feel better. 

-Aly went on her second field trip this month, a trip to see an acrobatic show at Lyric Theater in Times Square.  It never gets old, the opportunities our kids have living here in the city!

-One day, Aly and I were talking about waiting for things.  I think we were talking about how long we would have to wait for Jackson to be here, and I was telling her it was a realllllly long time to wait.  To which she said, "Oh, like the time they lost our suitcases at the airport."  ...Yes, that was also a long time!

-Aly has changed what she wants to be when she grows up!  She has gotten really into drawing maps lately and has decided to become a cartographer.  (She'll be sad to find out that Google has made that career a bit obsolete!)

-Aly had her first field day last week.  She had so much fun, even if it did start pouring rain!

-"We live in New York City, the best city ever!!"  She paused a second and then said, "Mom, can you google that? What's the best city in the world?"  (She's really into googling things these days.)  When I told her that Google said NYC was #2, she was so appalled and couldn't believe it, finally concluding that google must be wrong on that.  ;)

Fynnlan Seeley

-Fynn's vocabulary is so fun right now.  Some of my favorite things he says are:
     -I need a little space please
     -Silly goosey
     -I will never stop loving you!!

-On one particularly hot afternoon, we were walking home and Aly commented that it smelled good outside.  Fynn thought about it a few seconds and then said, "Uh, it smells like garbage, Aly."  (It certainly did!)

-Fynn is a little jokester these days.  He loves to do anything to make people smile and laugh!

-I love the conversations I have with Fynn about Roman, it gives me little glimpses into what his thoughts and comprehension of it all is.  One day he told me he was sad because Roman isn't here.  And that he wanted to go to Heaven to see him, and give him and Jesus a chocolate cake and play with him.  <3

Music class observation at school!
Music class observation at school!
Sliding with friends!
Just rollin around
Aly's first time rock climbing and she almost made it to the top!
First time using scissors, such concentration.
When you figure out how to do something by yourself, you must then do it 100x.
Singing about the water cycle at the school assembly!
Talking about Baby Roman with Fynn.
Bubbles and giggles
Still dreaming of the days spent in Australia
We're having a boy!
Enjoying a beautiful day at the piers!
Fynnlan Seeley
Aly now wants to be a cartographer when she grows up and now they constantly have maps.
Field Day!
Field Day!