18 Weeks Pregnant With...

I am now 18 weeks pregnant with our 4th child and 3rd son, so I thought I'd write a little about him :)

Let me back up to a couple of weeks ago.  I went to my 16 week appointment at the hospital with high hopes that they would be able to find out the gender at this appointment.  Ron was unable to make it to that appointment, so it was just me and Fynn.  While the plan was to have the technician write down the gender and put it in an envelope, that didn't mean I didn't try to find out myself haha.  I said to myself, "hey, if I happen to see what the gender is, then that's not my fault!"  So I actively tried to figure it out during the appointment.  At one point she had stopped on an image, and I thought to myself, "oh, it is for sure a girl!"  But then the technician labeled that image "arms."  Clearly, even after 4 times of doing this, I still don't know what the heck I'm looking at haha.  We got to the end of the appointment, and I cautiously asked the technician if she was able to find the gender.  She said yes and handed me an envelope!

Now, usually Ron and I are not patient at all.  Like we have yet to make it to Christmas Day to open our presents.  So to have this envelope in possession two days before our gender reveal party was quite the test. However, I also really love surprises, so that was enough to make me exercise some self-control. 

So Saturday came, the day of the big reveal.  We originally had planned to do it in Central Park, but it poured all day.  So we moved our little party into the little market hall next to our apartment.  Whenever we have things like this, I always feel so loved.  So many friends and family came out to celebrate our newest son.  He is loved so dearly already!  

From the beginning of this pregnancy, I was pretty convinced that we were having a girl.  Fynn & Roman's pregnancies were almost identical, which included being super nauseous 24/7 the entire first trimester.  With this pregnancy, I've barely had any symptoms, just a bit of fatigue.  So I really felt like it was going to be girl!

Even though I thought it was going to be girl, I was actually hoping it was a boy.  There once was a time where I would have said I wanted all girls, but things have changed over the years.  Mostly, Fynn has showed me just how much I can love little boys.  And of course, I so long for Roman to be here.  So the prospect of being able to bring home a little brother for Fynn, like we had originally planned, sounded wonderful.  So much to our delight, we found out we are having a boy! Hooray!! We are all so excited for him!

We're having a boy!

Now to name this baby!  I know many people wait until the end of pregnancy to name their children, but up until this point, we've always had a boy and girl name already picked out.  So whenever we found out the gender, the name was decided.  This time was different; we weren't decided on a name at all.  We finally just said we would wait until we found out the gender to at least narrow down our decision.  So two weeks ago, we found out it was a boy, which meant coming up with a third boy name!  Of course, there is time to figure it out, but we prefer to have a name soon and begin calling him by his name.  So we've spent the past two weeks throwing names at each other, and in one short conversation this weekend, we settled on a name...

Get ready to meet our fourth and oh-so-loved child, Jackson Graham Arévalo, coming October 2018.  (Or as Fynn likes to call him, "Jasckon" or "Jasckon Storm.")