January 2018 Update

We rung in the new year with our good friends, the Schmidts!  It is always such a relaxing and refreshing time with them.  The rest of the month has been busy with work and hanging with friends and family.  Ron also started vlogging this month, and you can check out the first few episodes at the very bottom! 

Alynne Tiffany

Aly is getting to be such a big girl, sometimes Ron and I just look at her and are amazed that we have this little girl who is far removed from toddler and babyhood.  She is growing and maturing in so many ways!  Aly is still loving school and has a few kids in class that are definitely her best friends.  One day Aly wrote a book in class and got to read it to the whole class and the principal! She never ceases to amaze us.  

A fun thing that Ron and Aly have started doing lately is sharing dreams.  Every night before bed Ron shares his good dreams with Aly and takes all the bad dreams from her.  She loves all the silly dreams he gives her ;)

This month has been a tough month for Aly for her to process her grief.  It's been popping up so much the last few weeks, and we are heartbroken that she has to deal with such heaviness, but man, this girl is wise beyond her years.  One conversation with her, I was trying to comfort her and I told her that God loves Roman even more than we do, and she responded, "No Mami, I love Baby Roman just as much as God."  I love her big heart and the love she has for her brother.  

Fynnlan Seeley

The Fynnster is also getting so big, looking and acting more and more like a little boy every day.  He is talking up a storm, and he has started to develop interests in super heroes and Cars.  Here are some random things he's been saying this month that I love:

-I talking Papi. (I'm talking to Papi)

-One day our doorman gave Fynn a piece of chocolate.  Fynn turned to me and said, "Mami, what's that?"  When I told him it was chocolate he said, "Oh, I love chocolate!!"

-It's okay!  (He comforts everyone these days!)

-I so love it!!

-Mami, I hongeeeeeee. (hungry)

-Lake up Papi! (and other W words are L's haha...Lait (wait), Later (water), etc.

-oof eef. 

-We've started introducing Fynn to the potty this month, which he has been doing really great with.  One day I put him on the potty, but he didn't have to go.  He looked down and said, "Why peepee no working?!" 

We realized this month that Fynn may actually understand more about Roman than we thought.  One day, I pulled out the photo album of Roman, and Fynn immediately pointed at the picture of him and said, "Roman!" I was so surprised that he knew who he was. He then continued to say, "Mami sad.  Papi sad," and started to pretend cry.   Then when we got to the end of the book, where there were pictures from the burial, he pointed to the box, and said, "Bye Baby Roman," and kissed the picture. It was a sweet moment for me, as I realized that Fynn loves his brother in his own little way too. 

5 Little Monkeys
Evening dance party
Papi "lake" up!
Statue of Liberty!
January, February, March, and April....
Puppet Theater
A minute with Aly & Fynn
Mornings with Fynn
Super Fynn
I'll eat your little face
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Heading down to the Lower East Side for some Gnocchi with my friend Joe, aka Deejay Khalil!
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