July/August 2018 Update

So I never did get around to writing my July family update, so I'll do one post for July and August here now!  

We spent the first part of July in Oklahoma.  This was super relaxing, and it is always great to spend time with family!  We got to set off fireworks, play in a pool, go to a jump space, do an escape room, go to a water park, and pedicures!  I'd say it was a pretty great trip!

Once we were back from Oklahoma, we settled into our summer routine.  It took a little getting used to on everyone's part.  Aly has missed school a lot, Fynn has had to learn how to share more, and Mami has learned more patience!! As August has come to a close, I can now say that we are in a good groove, and I have actually come to enjoy this new temporary routine, especially the slow mornings!! Next week school will start up again, and our schedule will get busier too as activities start back up and doctors appointments pick up with Jackson. 

Speaking of Jackson,  he is still doing great!  We are a little over 5 weeks out and are all anxiously waiting to bring him home!

Here's some things on Aly & Fynn:

Alynne Tiffany

-This summer we started giving Aly an allowance.  It's been a great way to talk about saving and practice counting money.  She has been so excited about it too.  She said she wants to buy a suitcase (LOL), and she also wants to buy something for Fynn.  

-When we got back from Oklahoma, a playground that was being completely renovated opened up a block from us.  We've spent much of the summer there.  One of the first visits there ended in a pretty bad fall for Aly though.  She was climbing a chain link ladder and slipped and fell from about 7 feet up.  Her shoulders were scraped and black and blue, and she ended up with a small fracture in her thumb.  Thank goodness nothing worse came of that fall!! Through it all though, Aly was tough and brave.  She also really loved getting to do an x-ray!

-To help break up the summer, Aly went to three different VBS's around the city!  She loved each of them and still sings the songs :)

-One day Papi and the kids watched a video about some of the clearest waters in Iceland.  Afterwards, Aly concluded that she really wanted to go snorkeling there!  Age 4 and already creating her own bucket list! :)

-"Can I ask you questions about the world? There's so much about the world that I don't know!"

Fynnlan Seeley

-2018 shall be known as the Year of the Bandaid for this kid.  He has had a cut on his forehead from the Spring (!!) that he just won't stop picking at, so this summer he has had a bandaid plastered to his forehead every day in hopes that it would heal!  I think it may have finally healed, but he still has a nice bandaid tan ;)

-One day we were walking home and Fynn said, "Are we in Times Scare?"  That's probably a more accurate name anyways.

-Fynn was playing with a new friend at the playground and said, "Hold on, let me go ask my mom."  Who is this big kid?! And when did I become "mom"

-"Nish nosh napplesauce"

-When we lost Roman, Fynn was barely 2 and understood very little of what happened. Mostly he would be sad because we are sad or repeat the things he's heard us say. But since July, I've noticed a change in him. He seems to understand more and truly miss Roman. He's also become afraid of death. He frequently tells Aly, Ron, and me that he doesn't want us to die because he loves us so much. He's also afraid he'll die. It saddens me that my 2.75 year old even has a concept of death.  These conversations are always followed by him saying he misses Roman. 
One day, on the bus we had one of these convos. He asked me what Roman was doing in Heaven right now, and then said he thought he was probably playing trucks with Jesus. He asked if he could bring a truck to Roman to play with. I said, sadly we can't buddy, but maybe when we get home you can draw a picture of a truck for Roman. He got excited about that and said he would draw a picture for Roman and save it to give to him when he grows up...and it's these moments that are so. hard. I'll never see Roman grow up. Fynn will never have his brother Roman to play with. 


Finally, we took some family photos in Brooklyn a couple of weeks ago!  I love how Liz captured such precious moments of our family!

And here are some random photos from July and August

And finally, videos from the past two months!

Sliding & flipping at Gigi & Bops house
Our new playground is finally finished!
Brunch date with our silly girl!
Another gol!
Nish Nosh Applesauce
Her current favorite worship song
Fynn's current favorite book- The Gruffalo
Go Aly go!
Fynn keeping his instructor on her toes
"I'm Mr. Ron."
Riverside Run