March 2017 Update

I'm a little late in posting our March update since we were moving over the weekend!  It was a very busy month, and I lost my phone in the middle of it, so I have subsequently forgotten most of the little notes about Fynn and Aly that I had jotted down for the month! So here's a little update on March, lots of big things happened!

So we started March out finishing our time up in London.  We enjoyed London, but we were really looking forward to going to Paris, since neither of us had ever been before, and we wouldn't have to work while there.  We had an easy time travelling from London to Paris, and even got upgraded to a 1st class train ride to the London airport!  Paris, was incredible.  It is honestly probably one of my favorite places I've been before, we both definitely want to go back!  It rained just about the entire time we were in Paris and was pretty chilly, but despite that, we made the most of it and had a great time seeing all of the sights and eating pastries everyday!  It was a bit trying at time, taking two toddlers to cities in Europe, but overall we were really glad we got to take them.  The first time I even set foot on an airplane (to Germany no less!), I was 19 years old.  So the fact that my 3 year old is now talking about having seen the Eiffel Tower, Mona Lisa, Notre Dame, Big Ben, and Buckingham Palace, well it blows my mind a little bit haha.  It's awesome to see her get to soak up culture at such a young age.  

At the end of our two week trip, we decided last minute to take the kids to Disneyland in Paris.  We wanted to have a day just for them since they had spent a lot of time cooped up in strollers and indoors.  It was seriously our favorite family day yet.  It was funny trying to explain to Aly what we were going to do when she has no concept of anything like it. I was like, it's like a playground...but way better! 
I wasn't sure how it would go with a 1 and a 3 year old, but it was so great! There were so many rides for them to go on, and because it was a weekday in the Winter, there were absolutely no lines, and we were able to go through the entire two parks in one day.  Aly was downright giddy with herself.  She first rode the carousal, and then asked to ride it again, but we explained to her that we were going to be riding rides all day long.  She quickly got the hang of it, and after a couple rides, she would immediately say, "what are we going to ride next?"  She loved everything we rode on, and she was quite fearless.  I think her favorite ride was a little mini roller coaster, you can tell from the pictures below how much she was enjoying it! Aly went so hard that day, I believe she walked almost 15,000 steps!! And Fynn had a great time too.  He was able to go on just about every ride too.  As soon as the rides would start he would be completely entranced and still, and sometimes when they ended, he would cry!  Lol!  Overall, it was such a fun experience.  We loved every minute of it, and I'm sure we'll be making another Disney trip.

The flight back home from Paris surprisingly wasn't that bad, considering neither kid slept.  Aly didn't sleep at all, and Fynn slept less than an hour, but in the end it worked out because they came home exhausted and ready to go to bed on NY time.  We had a couple of mornings where the kids woke up a couple hours early, but after that, they were fine!  Not too bad! 

We had a couple of low key weeks after we got back, and then we started packing and prepping for our move!  We moved from Harlem down to Hell's Kitchen.  Gigi and Bop flew in to help us, and Lito and Lita came in for the day as well, so the kids got some good grandparent time last weekend!  It was quite an exhausting weekend, but we are now all settled in to the new place (huge thanks to Gigi and Bop!!).  It still seems surreal that this place is our new home!  We are loving the new neighborhood and Ron's much shorter commute!

Just a smidge about the kids, since I lost my notes from the month...


-Aly continues to become more and more independent.  She does just about everything throughout her day by herself, and she talks constantly about going to school next year.  It's hard for me to imagine, but boy is she ready! 

-One day while walking on the street, someone told me how adorable Aly was.  Afterwards Aly said, "People just love me. Everyone thinks me is cute!"  LOL

-Aly is obsessed with playing board games and usually only wants to play them with Papi.  So Papi gets to spend lots of time playing Princess cupcakes!


-Fynn is still such an active little boy.  Every day he finds new things to climb on and new ways to give Mami mini heart attacks.

-Fynn now has 12 teeth! 

-He's been a bit slow to speak, but this month he did learn how to say a few animal sounds.  He can say "ruff ruff" for dog and "caw caw" for bird! It's really quite precious!

-Fynn is still such a cuddle bug.  He constantly snuggles with me and Ron.  He also started giving these amazing squeeze-your-neck hugs that are just the best!

Excited to be back at ballet after vacation!
Night time grooves
Jam session
Date night for Mami and Papi! We went to see the Thunder play the Nets, and we got to witness part if history being made as Russell Westbrook made another Triple Double!
Love his bird sounds!!
When I grow up, I want to be an Engineer!
Oh the cups of bears, they provide such entertainment!
Rawr rawr!
Such a busy little boy
Super Aly!
Papis are good for immense amounts of giggles for little boys, and mini heart attacks for mamas
Jumping with JD!
Fynn has to get in on it too!