Baby Arevalo #3 Update

Well it's official, we are pregnant with our third child!  So let the blog writing for this little nugget commence :D

Finding Out

I found out I was pregnant on April 3rd, just a few days after we moved into our new apartment.  I immediately called Ron at work to tell him.  We were both quite surprised, but also very excited.  This is now the 3rd surprise baby we are having, but they are the best kind of surprises!  (Side note, perhaps I should become a spokesperson for abstinence, because BC is clearly not always effective....LOL)  
That evening, we told Aly that we were pregnant and she is going to have another sibling.  We captured that conversation on video:

1.5 Days Later...

Not even two days after finding out we were expecting, I found myself violently sick in the middle of the night with excruciating cramps and abdomen pains.  We quickly went from overjoyed to fearful.  So the next day I went to the doctor to check on the baby, as I should have been about 7/8 weeks pregnant.  When we got there though, the doctor couldn't see anything on the ultrasound.  
No baby.  
No heartbeat.  
It was a devastating feeling, as I felt the knot in my stomach grow and the tears well up.  The doctor went back and forth from reassuring me that I could have just ovulated late, and so it's just to soon to see anything, to telling me that it's just as possible that I miscarried.  We would go back in two weeks to try to check on the baby again.  

The Last Two Weeks

At first, Ron and I were just devastated.  We were sure all of the cramping and pains were bad omens for our baby.  I was blaming myself for having worked myself to the bone moving and thinking about every heavy box I lifted.  I kept thinking, was this my fault?  It was a long two weeks, and we spent a lot of time in prayer together and with our closest friends and family.  We kept coming back to our prayers, that no matter what happens with our baby, may we still say "praise God" at the end of the day.  Because our God is a faithful and loving God who will never abandon us nor forsake us in times of trouble.  And even if bad things happen because of the sin that is in this world, we can still say with confidence that we serve a good God.  As the days passed, I began to feel a peace about the situation.  We were still very hopeful that our baby was thriving inside.  We decided to announce our pregnancy on Sunday, even before knowing everything was okay with the baby.  For me personally, I knew that even if we lost this baby, I would want to write a blog about it, or share it publicly.  The thought of going straight to grief over this baby and never celebrating it seemed like too much to me.  I wanted to be able to celebrate this baby, even if just for a few days or weeks.  

Here's a prayer Aly said one day at lunch for our baby.  She has the biggest heart!


So today I went for my follow up appointment, and praise God the baby is doing great!  I cried tears of joy with my OB this morning as I got to see the tiny little jelly bean and hear that perfect heart beat.  Oh man, third time around, and it never gets old!  I am officially 7 weeks pregnant and due December 8th!  Today we have just felt floods of relief washing over us.  We cannot thank those who were praying for us and the baby enough.  What a blessing children are, and I am so grateful that God has blessed us with our 3rd little nugget!  

Praise God!