Fynnlan Seeley- 40 Weeks

40 weeks old

Fynn is 40 weeks old today! This week we had lots of special outings as we said goodbye to our friends Andrew and Lauren who are moving back to Australia, and then our best friends the Schmidts, who are moving to Jersey!  It's been a fun but sad week haha. Fynn is loved by lots of people!

This week we had Fynn's 9 month check up.  Everything was good for the most part. Fynn only weighs 15 lbs 11 oz and is in the 1%  now. At 6 months, he was a little over 16 lbs.  I wasn't too surprised though, he's been hanging out in these clothes since he was 4 months old and no signs of outgrowing them lol. But the doctor wasn't too concerned; she said it was probably a combination of being so active, teething, and being breastfed.  So we'll do a weight check in a month and make sure he is still growing fine.  

Since Fynn got sick, I think we may have turned a corner with his sleeping.  It started out with a few sporadic days where he slept past 8, and now it's been 4 days in a row that he's woken up past 8!! Woohooo! Of course he decides to do this right when I have had to start waking up at 6:30 to work, boo.  I hope it lasts! 

Fynn has been trying more and more foods lately--eggs, cheese, peanut butter, ground beef, and lots of other things! 

We love this little boy!  He is such a joy =]