Fynnlan Seeley- 39 Weeks

39 weeks old

Fynn is 39 weeks old today!  This week was pretty low key, just enjoyed having Fynn back to being healthy, happy, and smiley! We went to the Schmidt's going away picnic this weekend.  It's so crazy to think that some of our closest friends won't be in the city much longer!  We have been squeezing in lots of playdates before they leave! We also visited Papi at work today.  Fynn loved crawling all over the place and playing in the pods with Aly!

Fynn had a few days this week where he slept until I woke him up at like 8:15, which was ahhhhmazing.  It would be great if this would become the norm, but I've been saying that for a couple months now haha.

Fynn loves to eat.  He is nursing 4 times a day, and eats 2-3 meals a day.  Baby Led Weaning has been a little bit harder with him, so we'll see if we need to change anything. 

Fynn usually takes 2-3 naps a day.  He just hasn't quite dropped that third one consistently yet.  If we're out and about, Fynn will still take his morning nap on me, just a bit later.  He won't nap in the stroller, but the second I strap him to me, he assumes the position of sucking his thumb and nuzzling into my armpit and he's out haha.  I love it, even despite doing this in 95 degree heat!!

Fynn loves to play chase with Aly; he loves to read books; and he really just loves to take every book and toy down and make huge messes, hehe.  He's so much fun these days!  

Fynn doesn't like to be left alone.  If I try to go into the kitchen to make dinner or something, he drops what he's doing and stands at the gate crying and crying until I will come get him.  But if I just sit in the play room, he is content to play by himself, I guess he just needs to know that I'm there if he wants me haha!

Can't believe our little man will be 9 months old tomorrow!