Fynnlan Seeley- 33 Weeks

33 weeks old

Fynnlan is 33 weeks old today! This weekend Papi and Aly went to Orlando to visit family, so Fynn and I had the weekend to ourselves.  It was such an interesting thing being just us too! I quickly realized how quiet it was haha! It was a great time for Fynn and I to get lots of one-on-one time.
By Saturday, Fynn had a small fever though, and he has pretty well been pretty cranky since haha.  He's been crankier than usual, and having such a hard time with naps, and waking early every day.  Phew.  But we're pretty sure that it's teething related.  He's chewing on everything, and I can see little bulges where his top teeth will come in.  So hopefully it gets better soon haha.  At least I've gotten lots of snuggles in through it all! 

This week Fynn tried fruit for the first time, he had some apple.  He of course loved it!  At this point, he's pretty consistently eating once a day, aiming for twice a day haha.  

Fynn definitely missed Aly this weekend. He would just crawl around trying to figure out what to do haha.  Though as soon as she was back, he was quite smothered by her love haha. 

Fynn is a magnet to the office.  If that door gets left open, he makes a beeline for it.  When you catch him, he gives this sly little grin that he knows perfectly well he's not supposed to be in there! 

I keep forgetting to note this, but Fynn can now feel the "touch and feel" parts of books on his own and lift the flaps! It's so fun to see him growing an interest in books! 

We're borderline moving to a 4 hour schedule at this point.  Until the weekend crankiness hit, he was doing it.  I'm not in any hurry, so just letting him do what he wants with that!  Oh and he's also borderline dropping from 3 to 2 naps!