Alynne Tiffany- 2 Years, 7 Months

Alynne is 2 year and 7 months old today! Here is a recap of this month!

-We had our annual Memorial Day trip this month, and we went to the Catskills.  Each year our group has grown.  This year we had 12 adults and 9 kids! We had such a blast. I think it's so comical that for our city kids, having a suburban weekend is such a treat for them.  They were in heaven having a backyard, a swing set, and an inflatable pool! The kids literally played outside the entire time!! What fun! Oh and on this trip, Aly and Fairley got to have their first sleepover together! All in all, it went pretty well! I was so curious what on earth a 2 and 4 year old would have to talk about haha. After we put the girls down, I heard Aly say at one point, "Fairley, you are so beautiful!" How sweet!!! And then a bit later, Fairley said, "Aly, I am tarrrryyyyinnnng to sleep!!" haha! Aly is chatter box!!

-Everything is "Can I...." these days. Can I come in the kitchen? Can I play with this toy?

-Any time we discipline her, she immediately follows up with the question, "are you happy right now?"  I think it's her way of gaging that we still love her despite her being in trouble.  (though by the end of this month, she has asked that question so many times, she is now banned from saying it haha.)

-She adds 'y' to the end of words-- stucky, scaredy, etc.

-One day the smoke alarm went off on our floor.  I loaded the kids up and we went downstairs to make sure everything was okay (which it was), but Aly was quite terrified.  She clung to me the entire time after we got back in our apartment and made me lay with her until she fell asleep.  After her nap, she recounted the event to me, saying that God was running with her down the stairs so she wouldn't be scared. **cue waterworks**

-One time I told Alynne she needed to speak kind words to Papi, so she walked over to Ron and said, "Papi, kind words."

-The question "why" has now come.  Everything is, "but why not, Mami?"

-One day Aly said she wanted to marry Papi! =D

-One afternoon when I was running with the stroller, I slowed down to walk for a bit, and Aly asked me why I slowed down. I told her I was tired, and she said, "You're doing a great job Mami, you're so fast!!" 

-This month, Aly and Papi got to go on their very first Daddy Daughter Trip!  They went to Orlando for the weekend to see her Lito and Lita and Tio Kevin and Tia Beverly! Aly had such a great time with everyone, and even enjoyed playing with Kevin and Beverly's dog Knox.  Aly became very attached to Kevin over the weekend and still talks about him daily! They also took a trip to Cocoa Beach while they were there. Aly loves the beach so much!!

-When we were doing a puzzle, Aly asked me to do one.  Then she stopped me and said, "Let me help you Mami, it's a little tricky."

-Summer is upon on us, so we have lots of fun family activities planned on the weekends, and we've instituted Adventure Tuesdays with our circle of friends.  So during this month we ventured to our favorite splash pad in Tribeca, the American Museum of Natural History, Wild West Playground, and the Bronx Zoo!

-Finally, a small update on Aly's health.  After our Memorial Day trip, Aly (and I) caught a stomach bug.  It was so awful! She was up vomiting (or spitting as she called it) all night long, and was just miserable.  Well we quickly realized how amplified her blood sugar issue becomes when she is sick.  In order to keep her blood sugar up, she has to eat very frequently, but with the stomach bug, she couldn't keep anything down and had no appetite.  We managed it for a couple days, but 2 days later, she was very out of it when she woke up and her blood sugar was extremely low.  A pediatrician friend came over and helped me watch over her and Fynn while Ron was at work, but we just couldn't get Aly to eat anything since she was sick, and therefore her blood sugar wasn't coming back up.  So I decided to take Aly to the ER in hopes that they could get some dextrose in her and get her BS up faster.  It's times like these that city living is...interesting lol. We didn't even make it halfway to the hospital before we had to get out of the cab so she could use the bathroom.  Then we got another cab and she threw up everywhere inside, but we were in the middle of Central Park, so we couldn't get out or anything. Fortunately the cab driver was very kind lol. Then when we were less than a block from the hospital, Aly passed out.  It was one of the scariest moments of my life. I was screaming like a mad woman at the cab driver, and he zig-zagged his way up to the hospital. I immediately hopped out of the cab fumbling an apology about the throw up, and he was just telling me to leave it and go! So I was running and carrying Aly (all while sick myself haha), and went into a wrong entrance, at this point I was in tears, but a security guard came up and scooped Aly up and ran her into the pediatric ER. Once we got there everyone worked so fast to get Aly seen right away. I was sooo incredibly thankful for each loving and helpful person I encountered that day.  The crazy thing is, not even 10 minutes after Aly passed out, the nurse took her blood sugar, and it was almost normal.  And then while we were waiting for a bed to open up, Aly drank juice and ate a muffin (which I couldn't get her to do at home!!), so by the time we saw a doctor, she was completely all of that, we took a trip to the ER for Aly to have a snack. LOL. But I must say I'm incredibly grateful it turned out that way.  
Please continue to pray for Aly and her blood sugar problems.  We still don't know what causes it, and we may never find out.  We are mostly at peace with the situation, but we still ask that you pray that God would heal her!

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