Fynnlan Seeley- 29 Weeks

29 weeks old

Fynnlan is 29 weeks old today!  I feel like a lot has happened this week!

First off, we finished our trip to Oklahoma.  We had some much needed rest and relaxation (though I didn't get nearly as much sleep as I would have liked, thanks to little Mr. Fynnlan haha!) Boy was OK rough for that guy! He woke up every single night we were there, and it would take him a good 1-2 hours to get him back to sleep most nights!! And go figure, as soon as we got home, he's gone right back to sleeping through the night (which I am thankful for!). He was also overall fairly cranky while we were there.  Who knows what was going on, but I suspect teething may have been the main culprit (more on that in a minute!). 
So with Fynn having such a hard time, we weren't sure if we should go on our overnight trip to Dallas or not.  In the end, we decided to go ahead and go.  It's one night, and everyone will survive, right?!  (By the way, that's totally a 2nd child thing, I never would have been so lax the first time around haha).  And sure enough, Fynn, Aly, Gigi, and Bop all survived! It was both of the kids' first time away from us overnight! Fynn put them to work for sure, but got lots of special time with Gigi and Bop.

While we were in OK, Fynn also got to go to the zoo with Grandpa for the first time! 

Fynn has tried sweet potato, squash, avocado, and oatmeal now, and he loves them all! Sweet potato is definitely his favorite.

While we were in OK, Fynn figured out how to move forward! He does this little worm crawl thing. Check out the video below to see him in action!  Once we got back home, I quickly realized we need to keep some doors closed and things off of the ground--he is into everything!!

As of today, one of Fynn's bottom teeth has broken through the gum!  So hopefully they're both about to make their way out, and it can relieve some pain soon!

Also as of this evening, Fynn can now go from laying down to sitting up by himself.  He was playing on the ground while I went to the kitchen, and when I walked back in the room he was sitting up! I asked Ron if he had sat him up, but nope! Little Man did it all by himself! I can't believe how much (and quickly) he is changing these days!

Fynn would look for Aly every time she called for him from the tunnel!
Fynn is mobile!