Alynne Tiffany- 2 Years, 6 Months

Alynne is 2.5 years old today! This girl is just growing up entirely too fast! We are loving every minute of it!  Here is a bit from this month:

-Since Fynn has gotten a lot more mobile this month, I've started talking with Aly about keeping little pieces put away when he's awake because he could choke on them.  Later, she was telling me the same thing and that Fynn could choke, and then he would say, "help help Mami!"  and I explained to her that Fynn can't talk yet, and she was like, oh, hmm. You're right, Fynn can't talk! That's silly!

-One day Aly was singing The Wheels on the Bus after BSF class.  She stopped singing and said, "Mami, do you know that song?"

-Aly's latest thing is talking at dinner time with us.  She'll say, "Mami, let's talk!" and when we ask her what she wants to talk about, it's always about the latest fun thing she's done.  "I had fun at the zoozeum (museum) with Papi." or the zoo, playground, etc. 

-A new favorite phrase: "Whatcha got there?"

-Aly randomly shouts out, "I'm wonderfuuuuul!" quite often, and I love it.

-One of Aly's current favorite things to play is with "Marshmallow Papi," which is where Papi turns into Marshmallow from Frozen and chases her around and only turns back into Papi with a kiss!

-She calls umbrellas "underbellas"

-We took a trip to Oklahoma this month! It's amazing how much difference a year makes.  Alynne was a breeze to travel with this year.  She is so easy going and genuinely helpful to us and with Fynn.  She made travelling much easier! We had such a great trip!  Aly got to spend lots of time with Gigi, Bop, and Grandpa and see others too!  At Gigi and Bops, her favorite things to do were slide and color with "chocolate" (chalk). And at Grandpa's, she got to see his highly anticipated farm, and she even got to see the neighbor's chickens! I couldn't believe how brave she was with the chickens.  She's scared of dogs, yet she fed and pet chickens!! 

-We took a trip to the zoo with Grandpa while in OK. Aly loved to talk about what her (and everyone else's) favorite animals were.  It changed every time.

-We had our first overnight trip since Aly was born! (long overdue haha!). Aly was so great with Gigi and Bop, which was quite helpful since Fynn was a handful haha! 

-Aly got her very first haircut while in Oklahoma, and she did so great!

-When in OK, Aly said, "it's so grassy!"

-Today Aly had her last dance class and a small performance.  She spent the majority of the performance zoned out and staring at all the new people haha.  I don't think she did even a single move of her ballet dance! LOL. But she did her theater dances and was oh-so cute! And she has so enjoyed dancing this semester.  Can't wait for the Fall!

-Finally, an update on the low blood sugar thing. We've done more testing, and so far everything is normal, thank goodness! We still have more testing to do though, because she is still having low blood sugar episodes and more frequently now.  We have greatly increased our efforts to keep her blood sugar up.  We now have to wake Aly up in the middle of the night to feed her Pediasure (and brush teeth!).  We are making sure she doesn't go more than 3 hours during the day without eating, and we are checking her blood sugar twice a day now.  Aly continues to amaze me through all of this.  She handles it all so well, and she doesn't even so much as whimper when we prick her.  She is the bravest little girl I know, and we would do absolutely anything for her.  We are continuing to pray that God would heal her and that we would find answers as to what causes it.

Happy half birthday dear Alynne!

Aly decided to make me cupcakes and sing happy birthday to me!
Aly has learned the difference between a diamond, square, and rhombus this month!
Just a couple of jumping babies
Aly splashing in a puddle! The simple joys of life
A mashup of Aly singing all of her favorite songs to her baby
Aly knows all of the planets thanks to our new favorite book!
Old McDonald
Let's go fly a kite