Fynnlan Seeley- 30 Weeks

30 weeks old

Fynn is 30 weeks old today! Time is flying with this little man.  He continues to astound us with all he is learning these days.  This week he learned how to pull up! I first caught him doing it in his crib, so I quickly ran in and got him into the pack-n-play until we could get the crib lowered!! So with that, we had planned on moving Fynn's crib into Aly's room whenever we needed to lower it because we can't put an AC in his room and it's already starting to get hot!  So Monday when Fynn pulled up in his crib, Ron wasn't going to be home that evening to lower it, but it was also too hot in his room for him to sleep in there.  So I was feeling incredibly ambitious and just decided to put him in Aly's room and just see what happened haha.  They both went down really well, but Fynn woke around midnight and that quickly turned into two kids crying.  So Fynn finished the night out in his room after that.  That is also what happened last night too.  Part of the problem is that Fynn has been having some serious sleep regression this week!! He has been waking up around midnight a couple nights, and if he doesn't do that, then he ends up waking around 6 and taking a looong time to go back to sleep.  It's been a long week haha.  I'm hoping it's just a short phase as he figures out his new skills and as his teeth finish coming through.  Speaking of that, one tooth has come through now, and the other looks like it is about to break the surface soon!

Overall, Fynn is getting more and more mobile every day.  He can now easily get around the apartment.  One second he's in the living  room, the next second he's playing in the hall, and the next in the playroom! He's everywhere!! This means we are definitely being more diligent to keep small things off the ground.  And in the last few days, I've had to really watch him to make sure he doesn't hurt himself pulling up!  This is a hard stage when they know how to pull up, but don't know how to get down haha.

Love our growing boy!