Fynnlan Seeley- 19 Weeks

19 weeks

Fynnlan is 19 weeks old today! This week Fynn had a cold, so he was a little off this week, but overall, still his happy self!  I am constantly amazed at how he adjusts and just goes with whatever we're doing each day! Life of a second child, right? Haha.


Fynn is done with his nighttime feedings! He does a dreamfeed at 11, and then doesn't eat again until 8am.  He also has started to stretch his feedings during the day.  Sometimes 3.5-4 hours, but still the same total number feedings. 


Each week, I like to go back and read my post on Aly at that age.  Oddly, so far each little milestone, they've both hit at the same time.  When I read Aly's 19 week post and it said she was down to 3 naps and staying awake from 5:30-8pm every night, I thought that was ludicrous...and then Fynn stopped taking his 4th nap this week! Such twins. 

Since Fynn has been a little sick this week, his sleep has been a bit all over the place.  There were several naps that me or Ron had to rock or wear him to sleep.  His little cough would wake him up every nap! Poor little guy!  This also made for some rough nights too. So Monday night, we finally started making some nighttime progress; his cough is just about gone aaaaand Fynnlan finally figured out that he can suck his thumb as a soothing mechanism haha.  Before he would just suck on his thumb and fingers during the day for leisure (haha), but something clicked Monday, and now he has been a sleepy thumb sucking boy ever since! Which means the last two nights Fynn has slept until 8am and only woken up for a brief couple minutes once early morning (nothing a little thumb sucking couldn't solve)!! Hello full night of sleep!! Cue happy dance.


This little guy is so laid back...You want to stay home all day and stay on schedule? Great! You want to go out all morning long, and I stay happily awake for 3 hours? Great!  
We love him so! 


FIRST HAIRCUT!!!! Woah!  I still can't believe our 4 month old had to get a haircut haha.  We just trimmed the sides and the back, but the pieces we cut off were like an inch long! Holy cow! He did great!