Fynnlan Seeley- 18 Weeks

18 weeks old

Fynnlan is 18 weeks old today! I started getting rather emotional last night because I am just really feeling how quickly he's growing and I can hardly stand it! Haha! Within a matter of a couple days, Fynn weaned from his swaddle, started rolling to his stomach, and sleeping through the night some nights!! I am thankful for all of these things, but boy did it just hit me! Before we know it, Fynn will be running around with Aly! 

This weekend Gigi, Bop, Uncle Jason, and Lexxie all came to visit! Everyone loved getting to play with Fynn, and the weekend went by way too fast! Lito and Lita also came by for one last quick visit before they left for Florida.  


We abandoned our efforts to get Fynn to drop his middle of the night feeding while everyone was visiting so that everyone could sleep haha.  So Sunday night we started back at it.  Most nights since Sunday, Fynn has done without his 4am feeding! So he's going from the dreamfeed at 11 until 8am! Hooray for progress!


So with us transitioning out the feeding, that means a bit more sleep training.  The first night he fussed for awhile but eventually put himself back to sleep.  And the next night he woke up twice, fussed maybe 5 minutes and then fell back asleep!  Last night he didn't make it without the feeding.  But I'd say overall, he's doing so great! I think by next week, he'll probably be sleeping 8-8 pretty consistently!  Also, like I said earlier, as of last night, Fynn is officially out of the swaddle! He's been trying to roll for awhile now, and last night when we put him to bed, he grabbed hold of the rails and pulled himself over onto his stomach and fell asleep like that haha! 


Fynn is working on figuring out the whole rolling thing! He can get over now, but usually ends up with an arm stuck underneath haha. There have also been a few times where I've caught him trying to get his knees up under him, crazy! He has started making more sounds, "bua" and "mua". He also chews on his fingers nonstop.  He is not partial to any particular finger or hand, he loves them all!!


No more swaddle!
Rolling to stomach
First trip to the playground (to watch Aly haha)
First trip to the Museum of Natural History
First time sitting in Maclaren stroller