Tot School- March 2016 (2 Year, 4 Months Old)

Since this month includes Easter, I wanted to have sufficient time to teach Alynne about the resurrection, as well as do our normal Tot School activities.  Fortunately, there is an extra week this month, so we are taking a break in the middle to do a week focused on resurrection activities!  I am super excited for this!  Hope you enjoy our plans =] 
As always, some of the printouts/activities are my own, and some are from the web.  I have linked all printouts and borrowed materials for easy access!

March 2016 Schedule

Here is this month's calendar.  Print it out and follow along!

Supplies needed:
Dot markers
Construction paper
Pom poms
Plastic Easter eggs
Egg carton
Car stickers
Paper plate
Food coloring
Fake grass
Toilet paper rolls

Verse: “He is not here; he has risen, just as he said.” -Matthew 28:6

Color: Green
Color: Verde

Letter: S,T,U
Letra: S,T,U

Number: 7
Numero: 7

Shape: Pentagon
Forma: Pentagon

Theme: Easter, resurrection

Library Book List:
My Easter Basket
What is Easter
Easter Bugs
Bunny’s Noisy Book
What Does Bunny See


Music (circle time)

  • Humpty Dumpty

  • Little Bunny Foo Foo

  • Jesus Loves Me

  • Bunnies, Bunnies (Twinkle Twinkle Little Star)

    • Bunnies, bunnies, hop, hop, hop.
      Bunnies, bunnies, hop, hop, stop.
      Twitch your ears and twitch your nose.
      Twitch your tail and twitch your toes.
      Bunnies, bunnies, hop, hop, hop.
      Bunnies, bunnies, hop, hop, stop.

Fine Motor/Worksheets

  • S Dot Art

    • Use dots or stickers to decorate printout  

  • T Dot Art

  • U Dot Art

    • Use dots or stickers to decorate printout 

  • 7 Dot Art

  • S letter recognition

  • T Letter Recognition

    • Use dot marker to identify the letter T 

  • U Letter Recognition

    • Use dot marker to identify the letter U 

  • Pentagon coloring sheet

    • Decorate with torn up green paper  

  • Green coloring sheet

  • Resurrection coloring sheet

  • Color Sorting Mat    

    • Place the corresponding small colored Easter eggs on the large Easter eggs  .

  • Shape Sorting Mat

    • Place the corresponding small shapes on the large shapes 

  • Number Sorting Mat

    • Place the corresponding small numbers on the large numbers.  

  • STU Sorting Mat

    • Place the corresponding small letters on the large letters. 

  • Easter Egg Matching

    • Have child match like-colored Easter eggs halves together.

  • Easter Egg One-to-One Correspondence

    • Use tongs to sort matching colored pom poms into Easter egg halves in muffin tin.

  • Number Egg Matching

    • Write numbers on the inside of an egg carton and Easter eggs.  Have child place correct number egg in correct number carton.  Source

  • Big/small Sort

    • Sort big and small chickies into labeled bins using tongs.  Source


  • S is for Snake

    • Cut a “S” out of paper or foam. Decorate by coloring the “S” to look like a snake.

  • T is for Tinfoil

    • Cut a “T” out of paper or foam. Decorate by covering the “T” with tinfoil.   

  • U is for Urban

    • Cut an “U” out of paper or foam. Decorate by painting a road and sticking car and train stickers onto the “U.”

  • Pentagon Soccer Ball

    • Print pentagon file. Cut out the black pentagon pieces Make a soccer ball out of a paper plate! Show your child a picture of a soccer ball (or a real life soccer ball if you have one!) Observe that the black patches are pentagons! Invite your child to glue down their pentagon patches onto a white paper plate in order to make a soccer ball!  Source  

  • Bunny Hand Prints

    • Create a handprint bunny by painting child’s palm and index/middle fingers only. Stamp hand so that the fingers resemble bunny ears. Once dry, add a bunny face. You could also add a pompom for a nose and pipe cleaners for whiskers. Source

  • Egg Painting

    • Draw an egg shape on a piece of paper. Clip a large pom pom onto a clothespin to act as a paint brush. Invite the child to paint fun dots all over their egg! This activity is great for reinforcing color matching as well as encouraging creativity! Source

  • Bubble Painting

    • Pour some bubble solution  into three small bowls. Next, put a few drops of food coloring into each container. I think I dropped in about 5 drops per container. Blow bubbles onto a white piece of paper to make colorful bubble designs.  Source


  • Easter Basket Felt Play

    • Create a large felt basket and cut a dozen smaller eggs in various colors to place on the basket.

  • Easter Sensory Bin

    • Fill with fake grass, pom poms, eggs, scoops, etc.

  • Chocolate Playdoh

    • Make chocolate scented playdoh. 

    • Recipe: 

    • 1 ¼ c. flour
      ½ c. cocoa powder
      ½ c. salt
      ½ T. cream of tartar
      1 ½ T. cooking oil
      1 c. boiling water
      Mix the dry ingredients. Add the oil and boiling water. Stir quickly, mixing well. When cool, mix with your hands.

  • Water Walking Experiment

    • For this activity you need 3 clear cups, yellow and blue food coloring, and 2 paper towels. Line up 3 cups in a row. Fill the first cup up about halfway with yellow colored water. Fill the second cup about ¼ of the way with clear water. Fill the third cup up halfway with blue water.  Connect cup 1 and 2 with a paper towel. Connect cups 2 and 3 with a paper towel. Over time, water will draw out from the outer cups into the inner cups and create green water in the middle. Source

  • Easter Egg Hunt

    • Use these Easter eggs with ABC’s on them to play a game.  Hide the eggs and ask your child to gather them, naming the letters as they find them.

Resurrection Week

  • Easter Block Set

    • Print file.  Cut out and color pieces and tape to toilet paper rolls.  Use figurines to tell the resurrection story.  

  • Act of Service

    • Do an act of service for another family and talk about how Jesus loved and served everyone.  Source

  • Cross Art

    • Use painters tape to create a cross on a paper.  Allow child to paint the over the cross and the paper with green, blue, and yellow paint.  Once it is dry, remove the paint, and reveal the cross! Discuss the resurrection as you paint!

  • Resurrection Eggs.  

    • Use 6 plastic eggs to tell the story of the resurrection.  Follow this printout

  • Resurrection Rolls

    • Make resurrection rolls together, and tell the story of the resurrection as you go!  Follow this recipe.