Fynnlan Seeley- 20 Weeks

20 weeks old

Fynnlan is 20 weeks old today! This weekend we traveled upstate to the Catskills with a group of friends.  It was supposed to be a ski trip, but it turned out to be 65 degree weather and super sunny the whole weekend!  We still greatly enjoyed ourselves, and Fynn did so great on the trip! He slept most of the car rides, and did great sleeping in the same room as us and Aly! 


Not much new here, perhaps maybe stretching his first couple feedings a bit more. 


I think it's safe to say Fynn is officially sleeping through the night! He has done so for over a week now, and even managed to sleep til 7/7:30 while we were away this weekend.  Now he is back to sleeping until 8.  He also pretty well dropped his 4th nap.  Occasionally he will take that one if he's had a lot of short naps during the day. Fynn is so super flexible with his naps since each day looks so different for us!  


Fynn loves to roll over now, though we have yet to catch him the act haha.  He has mastered getting his arm out from underneath him too (note, the baby monitor picture, he rolled and scooted like that!). He is very talkative these days and likes to blow spit bubbles.  And sometimes I can get him to sit through a book without crying, LOL!


Our mornings vary a lot depending on if we are at home or not.  But here's what things look like, more or less:

8:00am feeding
9:30am nap
11:30am feeding
1:00pm nap
3:00pm feeding
4:30pm nap
6:00pm feeding
8:00pm feeding and bedtime
11:00PM dreamfeed