Alynne Tiffany 2 Years, 4 Months

Miss Alynne is 2 years and 4 months old today! This has been a fun month!    Here's some some things that happened this month:

-One of my new favorite ways that Aly pretend plays with her baby: She will tell her something like, "it's too far to walk Baby, get in your stroller please." and then proceed to pick up the stroller and pretend to carry it down subway stairs! What a different childhood she is experiencing!

-Gigi, Bop, Uncle Jason, and Lexxie came to visit for a weekend earlier this month!  We had such a good time with them, even though Aly spent most of the weekend with a fever and a minor cold.  Gigi brought some of old dance costumes and toys, and Aly has loved playing with them!

-In the same weekend, we also had to say goodbye to Lito and Lita as they moved to Florida.

-At dinner time, we often tell Aly that Mami and Papi are talking and not to interrupt.  So now she loves to say, "Mami, want to talk?" I love it, we usually talk about ballet or gingerbread houses =]

-We took a trip to the Natural History museum with Candace, Fairley and JD.  It was a great trip that included checking out the newest dinosaur exhibit, and a super cool story time where she got dig for fossils, touch a caterpillar, and go into the butterfly observatory!

-One morning when I woke Aly up she said, "Papi took Ellie away last night because I'm a little sick." part of that statement was true haha.  

-"Jesus gave us princess Anna."

-It has warmed up a lot this month, so we've gotten to take some trips to the playground.  Alynne is absolutely fearless! I can't believe the stuff she climbs up haha.

-This month we have started practicing having Aly ride the boogie board on the back of the stroller.  She reallllly didn't like it at first, and we had several meltdowns.  She is getting much better at it and learning to stay on it for longer stretches though! We have lots of talks these days about listening and obeying =]

-Alynne loves to ask, "Are you happy? Are you sad?"

-She also says, "Are you sure?" every time she asks if she can help out (before I can even respond yes or no haha).

-Aly is basically very inquisitive these days.  She asks, "what's that?" to just about everything and constantly asks us what we are doing.  I love it, she is learning so much about the world around her!

-We flipped Aly's bed, so now she's raised off of the floor.  She has done great with it and hasn't fallen at all.

-Aly loves to build forts with Papi, and asks him almost every day to build one when he comes home.

-We took a trip to the Catskills with some friends for a weekend.  It was supposed to be a ski trip, but it turned out to be 65 and sunny the whole trip! Aly did great in the long car ride. We had a blast, and Alynne particularly loved playing with "Ms. Paul" all weekend, haha!

-Aly's favorite books right now are Ballerina, Frozen, and Cinderella.  Whenever she sees the fairy godmother in Cinderalla, she says, "that's God!" We're working on it ;)

-I asked Aly if she wanted to wear her hat one day, and she said, "No thank you, I'll just wear my head."

-One day I had a really stressful outing with the kids.  I was still frustrated and worked up when we got home, and Aly asked me what was wrong.  I told her I was frustrated and needed a hug.  While she was hugging me, she said, "Mami are you all done?" I said, "all done hugging you?" and she said, "no, all done being frustrated?" This sweet girl melts my heart.

-Aly has noted that her skin is brown =] (though she also says my skin is brown too, ha!)

-Alynne LOVES Fynn so much.  She is honestly such a big help to me too.  She cleans up spit up, makes sure he has toys, sings to him, hugs him, chases him, and if he's crying, she's always the first to tell me to go check on him!  She says he is her best friend =]

-Yesterday we started potty training!  The morning started off horrendous.  Aly quickly could verbalize that she needed to pee before she went, but would be in like raging, screaming, spitting fits about getting on the potty.  It was awful. We tried everything under the sun to get her to sit on the potty when we knew she had to go.  Nothing worked, and she'd end up going on the floor almost every time.  Of course as soon as she didn't need to go, she was happy, calm, and willing to sit on the potty. So after nap time, whenever she said she needed to go, we started using a timer, telling her she could get up when the timer went off or she peed. This worked amazingly!  She quickly got over her fear of the potty, and we've only had one small accident since!  She is doing so great!! She tells us when she needs to go and can actually hold it too! Woohoo!  It's only Day 2, so praying she continues doing so well! 

-We love Alynne so much! We are constantly amazed at our little girl.  She has the biggest heart, loves others so well, and is such a little sponge!

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