Fynnlan Seeley- 21 Weeks

21 Weeks Old

Fynnlan is 21 weeks old today! We started off this week with a trip to the playground and Fynn's first time on the swing! Let's just say, he was not a fan, haha! He was making the saddest faces until I got him out and Aly and I made him happy again!  


Fynn is still doing great breastfeeding! It has gotten a bit comical lately, as Fynn loves to grab at my face while he eats (or stick his fingers in my nose, like in the pic below!)


Overall, Fynn is a good sleeper.  We still have an occasional middle of the night wake up, and he is still jumping back and forth between 3-4 naps a day. We just go with the flow! 


 Fynn is mysteriously on the move these days.  There have been multiple times where we put him down, walk away for a few minutes, and then he will have moved quite far.  Like in the photo below, he was on the far side of the blanket and somehow managed to roll or wiggle over books and over about 5 feet! Woah!
Also, these past couple weeks Fynn has had a bit of a witching hour from 7-8pm.  Only Papi can keep him happy, and even that requires lots of ticking and attention!

And I almost forgot! Fynn found his feet this week! He's still far more interested in his hands though ;)


I keep forgetting to mention that Fynn is now wearing 6-9 month pj's and size 3 diapers! What a chunky monkey!