Fynnlan Seeley- 12 Weeks

12 Weeks Old

12 Weeks Old

Fynnlan is 12 weeks old today! I love this little chunky monkey SO much!! This weekend, Lito and Lita came over and got to spend lots of time with both kids!  We have to soak up our time with them before they move to Florida! Sigh. 

We've mostly been hanging at home this week since we started sleep training with Fynn over the weekend.  **Warning, if you are not pro-sleep training (and that's fine!), perhaps you should skip this post ;)**
We did sleep training with Aly, and saw huge improvements and benefits with her sleep, so we knew at some point we would be doing the same thing with Fynn.  I still say that sleep training has probably been one of the hardest things we've done as parents.  But through the process, I have also seen God's love through it.  While we have sat on the other side of the door listening to our children cry, we have never left or abandoned them, knowing that in the moment it is painful (for all of us!), in the end it is for their good.  In the same way, God often leads us through rough patches, and though we may feel alone, we never are, and though it might be painful at the time, God knows it is ultimately for our good.  Anyhoo, we are teaching Fynn how to sleep and be better rested! Through the whole thing, we've been right there if he needed anything and quick to comfort if he needed that too.  But it is still hard! With Aly, I was ready to give it a whirl, I was exhausted and willing to try anything!  This time around, I haven't been so eager to start because while it may be exhausting to drop everything the second he wakes up mid-nap and be up every hour at night, I so love the sweet snuggles that we have together and I know just how fleeting they are.  But Ron kept reminding me of the benefits and why we should do it.  So we finally bit the bullet this weekend and started.  And guess what! It hasn't been that bad! We're about 4 days into it, and Fynn is already doing so amazing.  He now puts himself to sleep without his paci, and is staying asleep for 1.5-2 hours during his naps, and waking up less at night! So already, I see the benefits.  He is a rockstar baby!


Since we started sleep training, he is starting to stretch his first middle of the night feeding.  It used to be around 2am, now it is around 3/3:15. So I think we'll be down to one middle of the night feeding pretty soon!! Hooray for progress!


Like I said earlier, things are already WAY better in this department. He no longer wakes up mid-nap, and has cut down his middle of the night wakings significantly! Last night he didn't wake up except to eat!! He is still having a pretty hard time going down for bedtime, but hopefully that will get better too! 


Little man is staying awake about 1 hour 15 mins now! He also is liking tummy time better (probably because he is able to roll over now haha). He loves when I sing songs to him, especially if they have motions to go along with it! He loves to munch on his fists, and does so all the time! 


I seriously can't get over how big Fynn has gotten and so quickly! He is now wearing 3-6 month clothes, size 2 diapers, and has outgrown his small swaddles! It's all happening too fast!!