Fynnlan Seeley- 11 Weeks

11 weeks old

Fynn is 11 weeks old today! It seems like just yesterday that we were bringing him home from the hospital! We had a pretty normal week this week, I'm getting more confident with traveling around the city with two, so we've been able get out more! 

The other day I was looking through my old weekly posts with Aly, trying to see when her sleep got better.  It's funny, because I knew she was a pretty poor newborn sleeper too, but I didn't think she was anywhere near as bad as Fynn. Turns out, I have forgotten a lot haha.  One post, I mentioned that she was waking every 20-30 minutes at night!! Woah. So, maybe there's hope for Fynn becoming a good sleeper after all! ;) And maybe 2 years from now, I won't remember this sleep deprivation at all, ha!


Same deal, 3 hours give or take, around the clock! 


Gosh, the days all run together.  I'm not sure if things have gotten better, or if we're just more used to the lack of sleep now? lol.  I do know that we had one night where Fynn only woke up twice for the first and only time in his life!! Woohoo! 
Oh, and we've started taking one arm out of the swaddle during his last catnap of the day.  He doesn't super love it, but baby steps! Also, you can see in the pic below, one time he fell asleep with his arm in the air, just doesn't quite know what to do with it yet haha!


Fynnlan loooooves to watch Aly.  He thinks she's pretty funny (so do I!).  Fynn is also grabbing toys more, and enjoys kicking his piano play mat.  He also started sitting in the bumbo some this week! 


I have no idea how much Fynn weighs, but I do know that he is almost outgrowing his 0-3 month clothes, which seems crazy to me since Aly was still wearing those when she was 5 months old haha.