Fynnlan Seeley- 10 Weeks

10 weeks old

Little Fynnlan is 10 weeks old today! This past week has been a challenging one for us! This week has certainly pushed me to my limits.  Fynn has been sleeping perhaps the worst ever, we have started having issues with Aly in her big girl bed, and to top it off, I started back at work (from home) on Monday.  Monday rolled around, and needless to say, I was stressed.  It's one thing to be exhausted all day, but you get so many things accomplished; and it's a whole other thing to be so exhausted and realize at the end of the day that you were not able to get one single thing off your to-do list done. So, in the midst of this rough week and wondering how on earth I will be able to manage 2 kids and 2 jobs, God has continued to call me back to him. He reminds me that He is my strength and portion during the long nights and days.  He reminds me that He has perfectly equipped me to do all that He has called me to do.  Though it feels like a lot right now, I know we'll all adjust and things will get easier.  I am thankful for God's provisions always.  Just this week, Ron's office hasn't had working wi-fi, so he has unexpectedly gotten to work from home this week so far, which has been tremendous help for me! I even got a nap in this morning, I'm a new woman!! 


Holy cow. Perhaps another growth spurt?! Fynn has been eating around the clock this week, including one night where I fed him 5 (!!!) times.


I know all I talk about in these blogs right now is the lack of sleep we're experiencing haha, but it is no joke! I think Fynn is sleeping worse than when we brought him home from the hospital.  There were several nights where he was awake every 45 minutes to an hour! During the day, he was only napping 30-45 minutes, instead of his usual 1.5 hours. Fortunately, naps have been better the last two days.  I'm hoping this was all due to a growth spurt, because my goodness, how can we keep at this?! Lol. I never knew I could function on such little sleep.


Fynn is just as smiley as ever, melts our hearts, and makes us forget about the sleepless nights!! He is also reaching for toys and chewing on his hands more.  He loves to watch Aly and smiles whenever she comes near him. 


Fynn stayed in the nursery at BSF yesterday for the first time! He did great =]

Finally, I just got to say, parenting is sanctifying y'all. That is all.