Alynne Tiffany- 2 Years, 2 Months

Alynne is 2 years, 2 months old today!  I certainly felt my baby girl turning into a big girl this month! Here is a recap of the last month!

-We started off by spending Christmas Eve and Christmas day with Ron's side of the family!  It is always so much fun to have everyone all together.  Aly played hard and loved playing with Lito, Lita, and her aunts! 

-Christmas eve night we had probably the worst night of sleep with Aly ever.  Yikes.  She had to share the room with us and Fynn, and she hadn't fallen asleep by the time we came to bed, so then she just thought it was playtime.  It didn't matter what we did, she just wanted to either play, or if we ignored her, she would start crying, which we couldn't let her do because she was sleeping 2 feet away from Fynn!  This went on until Ron finally got her to fall asleep at 4 AM (!!!!) by laying on the ground next to her pack-n-play and singing to her. Then of course Fynn woke around 5, and by 7am, I had both kids sleeping on top of me! Phew!! 

-So needless to say, Christmas day, Aly was pretty exhausted having only slept a couple hours.  She took a reallllly long nap when we got home, and then we tried to open our presents with her when she got up, but she wasn't having it! I remember asking her if she wanted to see if there was a piece of chocolate in her stocking, and she said no haha! She only wanted to do Tot School! Lol.

-One time Ron called his winter coat "the big boy" So when we bought Aly a new winter coat, she immediately said, "Aly's big boy!!"

-This month Aly has become very attached to two stuffed toys, Olaf and Minion.  And she thinks they are the best of friends haha.  When she watched Frozen on the way to Long Island, she was like "where's Minion?!"

-Aly loves to pray.  She asks to do it often, and even closes her eyes while she, or we, do it =]

-Aly asks to have "more" by saying "two".  This is how that typically goes down.
Ron: Aly, you can have ONE drink of my juice, okay?
Aly: Yes, oneeeeee drink! 
Aly (after taking a drink): 2. 2 drinks.
Ron: No, not two. 
Aly: Okay. 3. 3 drinks....

-We got rid of the high chair this month.  She figured out how to unstrap herself, and then just kept wanting to sit in Papi's chair.  So we just did away with it, and now she sits at the table like a big girl!

-Speaking of Big Girl status, Alynne also got a "big girl bed" this month.  We went to Ikea and got the staple loft bed that virtually every NYC family uses for a bunk bed haha.  Aly absolutely LOVED the bed.  The entire trip she just kept chanting "big girl bed, big girl bed!"  The first 3-4 nights went so well.  Aly never got up from the bed and slept well.  We thought we had dodged a bullet with this transition! Then she discovered the freedom that was beyond the bed haha. She spent the next couple days completely running around her room.  There's nothing in there to hurt her, but we figured we should nip it in the bud now, before Fynn's in there too.  So we started taking things away from her bed if she got up (pillow, blanket, beloved Ellie!). It was two rough days, but since then, she hasn't gotten out of the bed at all! So all in all, that transition wasn't too bad! She so loves her bed, and we love being able to lay in it with her when we put her down!

-Some of my current favorite things Aly says: "I scaredy," "I'm hungreen." and she has started calling me Mama instead of Mami

-This month, Ron has been home quite a bit, between holidays and working from home while his job moved locations.  So Aly quickly became attached to the hip with him. They got to have some really great time together, and it's always sad when Monday rolls around and he has to go to work!! 

-Aly has turned into a singing machine this month. She sings all day long, and I absolutely love her little voice! Some of her current favorites to sing are: Frosty the Snowman, Jesus Loves Me, Itsy Bitsy Spider, Twinkle Little Star, 5 Little Monkeys, Holy Holy Holy, Mariposa, and Let It Go. 

-I started doing some ballet at home with miss Alynne and she absolutely loved it, she was asking to do it almost daily. I have a friend who teaches ballet to a group of our 3-4 year old friends, so we decided to let Aly try it out last week.  I wasn't sure how she would do being so much younger, and it's an hour long class, but she did so great!! She listened well, and most importantly , had a lot of fun! So it looks like that will be a new part of our routine!