Fynnlan Seeley- 13 Weeks

Fynnlan is 13 weeks old today!  I think it's definitely safe to say that he is no longer a newborn! Wow! He's getting so big, and he is such a joy to be around and have in our family!  We love our little nugget!! 

This weekend we got our first snow of the season, and man it was a doozy! It was the second largest snow storm in NYC's history!  So Sunday we went out and played in it for a bit, Fynn stayed snuggled up on my chest and slept through the entire thing haha! 


Fynn still eats about every 3 hours, and there have been just a couple times where he only at once at night! Once we get sleep figured out, we'll be pushing him to drop down to one feeding and soon none!


Fynn has completely rocked sleep-training.  He has the days down pat, falling asleep immediately and napping for 1.5-2 hours every time.  Bedtime is great too...but then 1am rolls around. It's hit or miss from there, but mostly he still likes to wake up A TON from 1-8am.  Last night we did get some reprieve and he only woke up once all night and that was just to eat and right back down! I pray that would become our new norm! We've also had some problems with the swaddle.  He outgrew the small ones, but the large ones are still a little big, so it's easy for him to break free, and when he does, it wakes him up and he gets worked up! Hopefully he grows into them soon, and hopefully we can wean him from the swaddle soon anyways. 


Fynn stays awake 1.25 hours now. He is incredibly ticklish these days, especially at bedtime.  For whatever reason, whenever we are getting him ready for bed, just the slightest touch sends him into fits of giggles! (we of course love it!!) Fynn still loves to watch Aly and loves when she plays with him.  Oh, and Fynn has turned into quite the thumb-sucker this week! Anytime he is awake, he is munching on his thumb!