27 Weeks (A Letter to Fynnlan)

Hello my dearest Fynnlan!

Time is truly flying by with this pregnancy.  It seems like just yesterday we found out we were expecting you!  What a wonderful surprise =] I am currently 27 weeks pregnant with you, so only 13 more to go!  You and I are both as healthy as can be, praise God!  I realized I haven't blogged in awhile about this journey, so I wanted to tell you about your 20 week ultrasound.  You were SO stubborn.  You laid with your back up curled in a ball asleep the entire time.  It didn't matter how much the nurse poked and prodded you or rolled me, you refused to let her disturb your sleep! At one point you swatted at the wand when she was poking at you, but you continued to slumber.  I never even got to see your face that visit!  I had to go back the following week so they could try to get some final pictures of you, and even at that appointment you only showed your face for 2 seconds and then curled up in a ball again!  So Mami and Papi have very few pictures of you right now, but that's okay, we are just happy you're healthy, and we are SO excited to meet you and see what you look like!  

Right now you are growing bigger and bigger, you are incredibly active and I feel you all day long.  You come alive at night like clockwork.  As soon as I feel you going crazy, I think "Oh, it must be 11pm!"  (Your sister did the exact same thing too and then when she was born, she was a complete night owl with her days and nights mixed up.  Please don't follow in her footsteps!)

Right now you love to listen to Papi's voice.  If he comes near or talks to my stomach, you immediately start stirring.  

Your sister already knows so much about you.  She knows you're in my tummy and gives you lots of kisses and tries to share her water with you.  She can also say your name and identify your clothes and things around the apartment!  We think you're going to have a pretty wonderful big sister! =]

Like I said earlier, this pregnancy is flying by, so I feel like I haven't had time to do any preparation!  I have a nice long list of things we need to buy (like a bassinet!) and of course a pile of crafts waiting to be turned into artwork for your room!  I promise I will get it all done before you arrive!! 

Finally, we are just so excited for you to become part of our family.  We talk about your arrival almost everyday.  I am so looking forward to snuggling you, and Papi can't wait to hold you in his arms. We pray for you daily and cannot wait to meet you!!