Alynne Tiffany- 21 Months

Alynne is 21 months today!  We are getting so close to having a 2 year old on our hands, and boy does she act like it some days!! ;)
Here's some happenings from the month:

-Alynne's vocabulary continues to explode.  She mimics everything we say these days.  She has also started to string more words together, like "blue bear."  

-She also loves the alphabet.  She knows about 20 letters now.  She loves to look through books, street signs, and subway ads and say all the letters she knows.  It is always surprising to see a tiny toddler on the train reading letters =]

-And of course, with her letter obsession, Aly learned how to spell her name this month.  She can spell "A-L-Y" and in the last few days we started adding the "N-N-E"

-Aly has started to actually count things now.  She knew how to count, but now she will look at three objects and count them "1, 2, 3."

-Our little monkey has cleverly figured out how to climb on one of the couches now.  She uses the ottoman as leverage and then shimmies up the chair.  

-Alynne loves to wear her hat backwards.  She wears it all day long, along with her necklace ;)

-Alynne is a very affectionate child...with inanimate objects.  haha! The way she expresses she likes something is to give it a kiss and a hug while saying "awwww."  She does this with her milk cup, food, baby doll, shovel, tiny plastic bears--you name it, she hugs it! 
In fact, we were having some fly problems in our apartment last weekend, and so Papi was killing lots of flies.  Whenever he would kill one, Aly would say "bye bye," blow a kiss, and hug the air and say "awww."  

-We attempted our first movie night with Alynne.  We made a pallet, stayed up a little late, and watched the Jungle Book.  She was not super into it haha, but I suppose it's a good thing that she didn't want to stay glued to the tv! 

-We've had some rough bedtimes this month.  This has been two-fold.  First, Aly is a pretty picky eater and particularly does not want to eat dinner most nights, no matter what it is.  Ron and I are adamant about her eating the same things as us , so we don't offer anything special.  However, this month, there were a few times where she wouldn't anything at all, so when she wouldn't go to sleep at night, we got her up and re-offered her plate to her.  We did that probably a couple of times, and of course, it does not take long for a toddler to figure things out.  She quickly learned that this was a way to get out of bed.  That weekend, she ate a really good dinner, but 5 minutes after going to bed she was yelling "highchair! Eat! Hungry!" So we had to get a little tougher and let her know that she cannot get out of bed to eat anymore.  That combined with the second part of her sleep troubles--she has figured out how to take her clothes off.  It started with her taking her shirt off at naps, then it progressed to bedtime, and so we switched back to zip up onesies, but she figured out how to get out of those too!  So for a good week or so we had a half-naked "hungry" child refusing to go to bed!  Yikes!  Now, she is fine as far as the food goes, she knows dinner is her last chance, and we've just decided that the clothes issue isn't the worst thing (at least until she figures out how to get the diaper off!!), so we let her just sleep in her shorts at night.  

-Alynne is a very expressive child, and her opinions are coming out more strongly these days!  She is so quick to say no and is learning to express her feelings!  

-Alynne is still a little peanut!  Not sure on her measurements, but she is still wearing 12-18 month clothes no problem! 

-This month has been pretty hot, and since I'm rather pregnant, we have spent most of the month at home, with a few low key trips to playgrounds, splash pads, and BBQ's.  It's been pretty relaxing and I've enjoyed the family time we've had.  It's hard to imagine that we only have a couple more months with Aly as our only child!