12 week update

I am 12 weeks pregnant with our precious Baby Arevalo #2 this week.  I had my 3rd ultrasound this morning.  It really is just as exciting the second time around seeing our precious baby on the screen.  The baby had one of its fists on its mouth the entire time, so sweet!  Everything is going really well with the baby so far.  Today they confirmed that the baby has both arms, legs, brain, and a heartbeat of 156! =]

A little bit about this pregnancy so far...
It has been completely different that when I was pregnant with Alynne.  From about week 5-10, I was nauseous all day everyday and of course just exhausted.  Since then, I am still nauseous every day, but just not all day, small consolation.  It has been quite trying to keep up with work and Aly while feeling so sick!  We are heading to Oklahoma at the end of next week, and by then I'll be in my 2nd trimester, so I am really hoping that I will have some renewed energy and  it will be a great time of relaxation!

It still seems surreal that we are having another baby!  We are super excited, and hoping that they baby will cooperate next month so we can find out the gender!