Alynne Tiffany- 17 Months

Alynne is 17 months today!  It has been a bit crazy today, so here is a quick update on her month!

-She can now say: baby, up, water, block, uh-oh, cone, book, and door

-Alynne loves slides, and she can now go down them by herself!

-Aly continues to show her caring nature.  With me being pregnant and extra hormonal, there have been a few times this month I have been crying, and every time, Aly is so sweet to me.  She comes and gives me hugs, wipes my tears away, and blinks at me (our way of saying I love you!).  I sure do love her.

-Alynne slept for 36 hours straight for the 4th time in her life now.  This has become a rather odd thing that her body reacts this way to sickness.  It sounds all wonderful in theory, a child who just wants to sleep a lot, but it can actually be quite alarming.  I took her to the doctor during this sleepfest, and she was so tired and out of it, that she literally just laid limp while the doctor drew her blood!  That was unnerving! They ran a few tests, and everything came back fine.  We are hoping to run some more extensive tests the next time it happens and try to see if there is a deeper issue, or if this is just Alynne's body's way of handling sicknesses.

-Aly enjoyed the church's Easter egg hunt this year!  She loved to pick up the eggs and put them in her basket! 

-We have officially transitioned to one nap!  It has been such a long process, but one day she just stopped taking two.  Even once she stopped taking two, she wasn't napping very long with just one, maybe an hour.  I was a bit frustrated since she's always been such a great napper.  Of course about the time I decided that was just how things were going to be, she started consistently napping 2.5-3 hours! Woohoo! 

-We have moved beyond redirection and on to more intentional discipline.  Mostly this means natural consequences right now (ie. I told you not to bang your toy on the table, now that toy gets taken away), and then she has had to sit in timeout a couple times.  It's a learning process for us all!

-Alynne loves the song "5 Little Monkeys,"  and whenever she hears it or reads her book, she points to her head (bumps her head) and then shakes her finger and says "no, no, no" (no more monkeys jumping on the bed).  It is the cutest thing!!

-Alynne loves to look at our family yearbook I made for last year.  She asks to look at it daily and loves to point at everyone in the book while I tell her about all of her grandparents and friends.

-She has started nodding her head yes in response to me now.  

-This weekend she got to spend the weekend with Papi while I was at our church's women's retreat.  They got to play lots and enjoy a gorgeous day in the park with friends.  Daddy daughter time is always so special =] Fortunately, she gets to spend special time with him every week!

-This weekend she developed some eye gunk and is super congested, and it looks like it is now turning into an ear infection.  She is still in great spirits, but praying she heals quickly because we fly out for Oklahoma on Thursday!