Tot School- May 2015 (1 Year, 6 Months Old)

We were actually quite on top of things this month with Tot School, considering we started a week late!  We did just about everything on our list.  I've added some notes throughout the post and photos at the end!

Here are my May tot school plans.  With being on vacation and then in the hospital with Alynne, we are just now now getting started for this month! (Better late than never, right?) 
With only 3 weeks left of the month, I doubt we get to all of these things, but I wanted to at least put them out there.  Also, Alynne is very in to doing coloring sheets or do-a-dot sheets (she asks to do these almost every day), so that is why our art section is pretty heavy!
Happy tot schooling!

May 2015 Schedule

Verse: “The grass withers, the flowers fade, but the word of our God will stand forever.” -Isaiah 40:8

Verso: “La hierba se seca y la flor se marchita, pero la palabra de nuestro Dios permanece para siempre.” -Isaias 40:8

Color: Blue
Color: Azul

Letter: F is for Flower
Letra: F

Shape: Circle
Forma: Circle


S: flower, fish, fruit, feet, frog
S: flores, fuego, frutas,fresa, fuente


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Ring Around the Rosie

Aly really loved doing this song! She would ask to do it over and over again!!

Math/Motor Skills:

-1 to 1 correspondence with muffin tin 

This was such an interesting activity.  Aly seemed a bit confused with the extra block at the end, but she didn't try to problem solve at all, she just quickly dumped them all out and started over.  I want to continue doing activities like this to see how her reactions change!


-Food container prints with circular containers 

-Circle coloring page

-Ff Do-a-dot page 

-Fish coloring page

-F is for Frog Do-a-dot page

-Hand print

We thoroughly enjoyed all of these projects.  I remember when hand prints were such a struggle to do with her, and now she loves doing them!  And of course, we quickly used up all of our color sheets.  Alynne is obsessed with coloring these days.  She asks to color at least 3x a day! She is getting very good at using the dot markers too, most (but not all!) of the dots in the pictures below were done by her!


-Blue sensory water play
-Birdseed sensory bin 
-Explore different flowers in the parks

We definitely enjoyed the water play when it was 85 degrees and no AC this week!! Aly also enjoyed the sensory bin.  I ended up using oatmeal instead of birdseed because I had suspicions that she might try to eat it, and I was correct!  Aly loved for me to bury the turtle and then she would dig him out!