Tot School- April 2015 (1 Year, 5 Months Old)

 We enjoyed this month's tot school plans!  We didn't get to everything on the list because Alynne got a little sick and then we spent a week and a half in Oklahoma.  I've left notes on what we did and some pictures though!


April 2015 Schedule

Verse: "If anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation.” -2 Corinthians 5:17
Verso: “De modo que si alguno está en Cristo, nueva criatura es.” -2 Corintios 5:17

Color: Purple
Color: Morado

Letter: S is for Spring
Letra: S

Shape: Diamond
Forma: Diamente


S: shoes, socks, sun, sheep, strawberry
S: sol, sandia, sombrero, silla, semáforo


Baby Loves Spring
Mouses First Spring
Spring Joy
Spring is Here
Welcome Spring


Little Bunny Foo Food
Here Comes Peter Cottontail


-Diamond kite matching printable 
-Color matching eggs with pom poms
-Practice counting while putting pom poms in jar (fine motor activity) 

 The printables were definitely too advanced (which I expected), but Alynne enjoyed transferring the cards from one tray to the other.
Alynne did better than I expected with the color matching.  She would watch me do it, and then mimic! 

The pom pom counting was also successful. 



-Finger paint strawberry sheet
-Coloring sheet
-Do a dot or use stickers for Sun worksheet
-Flower handprint

We never got to the finger painting or hand print, but we did a few worksheets! Alynne is really into coloring and using the dot markers. It's really great seeing her skills improve each month with these.  She's becoming quite the dotter ;) Oh and she really loves to put the caps back on the markers, excellent fine motor practice! 


-Fly kites! (diamond shape)
-Spring sensory bin
-Visit flower garden in Riverside Park

 I SO wanted to do these activities this month, but time just never allowed it.  Hoping to still do some of these in May!