Alynne Tiffany- 16 Months

Alynne is 16 months old today! Here is what happened this month:

-First, we found out that we are pregnant, and Aly is going to be a big sister!  You can read about the details here.

-Alynne started climbing all over everything this month.  One day, I looked over to see Alynne perched on top of the entertainment center with a big grin, and she hasn't stopped since.  She is getting better at listening to us and knowing when, or not, she can climb.

-Alynne is also running everywhere (definitely full blown toddler these days!). She loves to run with her arms open at us and give us big hugs.  Sigh, it's the best feeling.

-One day Alynne wasn't going to sleep for her nap, so Ron went in to check on her and found her completely shirtless.  How exactly she got her shirt off, we'll never know!

-Alynne's vocabulary has started to pick up a bit.  She can now say "hi, ball, no, eye, ahhhp (apple), Mama, and Papa (though she never says our names to us, only if referring to pictures haha!)."

-Aly is signing like crazy these days.  She has added water and milk to her repertoire now.  Baby sign language is so awesome, because it really helps keep her from getting frustrated when she tries to tell us things!

-She gives the baby in my tummy kisses all the time =] 

-Last weekend Uncle Jason and Lexxie came to visit, and Alynne had so much fun playing with them.  Aly quickly became obsessed with her new stroller and chased Jason around in circles saying "hi" every time she caught him! 

-Aly loves to knock on doors =]

-It seems like Alynne learned how to do puzzles overnight!  She loves to sit and work them with me, especially her cone and tree toy.  I am amazed at her patience, and I love seeing her little brain process and work through everything!

She's getting so big!