Alynne Tiffany


Today I wanted to take a few minutes to explain where your middle name comes from.  We named you after one of Mami's best friends, Tiffany!  Today marks 5 years since she was in a car accident and passed on to be with God in Heaven.  Though we all still miss her terribly, I am grateful for memories that I will be able to share with you often.  Stories of being my best spades partner, riding bikes to the snocone stand, jumping on the trampoline, ski trips, lake trips, late night sleepovers, and road trips.  I'm sure you will hear them all!  

God has given me such a blessing in you, and I am so honored that you share her name.  I know you're only a toddler, but I see pieces of Tiffany in you, which I think is such a beautiful gift from God.  First off, everyone knew Tiffany for her infectious smile, and you too are always smiling and happy.  You are already so caring for others, just like your Aunt Tiffany.  You are also stubborn and strong-willed, like Aunt Tiffany was ;) Since me and Tiffany were so stubborn, we were quite the duo, and fortunately we had Jamy around to keep the peace!  

It's hard not having her around, and I of course wish that she could have met you, and vice versa, but I hope you feel like you know her through stories and memories. I'm also thankful you get to grow up knowing the rest of her amazing family, who have been like family to me.  I hope you grow up to be a wonderful lady like your Aunt Tiffany-- someone who loves Jesus fiercely, loves others well, and lives life to the fullest.