Fynnlan Seeley- 8 Weeks

8 Weeks Old

Our little man is 8 weeks old today! Wow, is time flying or what?! They get so big, so quick! This week was a doozy, or at least these past few days have been.  I think Fynn has been going through a growth spurt, so his days have been a bit crazy.  Monday was the first time he's ever been inconsolable.  It didn't matter what I did, he just screamed and screamed! I think he napped a total of 2 hours that day! The same thing yesterday too.  Handling an inconsolable newborn and a rather defiant toddler by myself during the day and not sleeping at night has certainly pushed me to my limits haha.  I am one tired Mama!! It is in the moments of frustration and thinking, "I can't do this!" that God reminds me that He is sufficient for me.  I can find rest and strength in Him.  My children aren't perfect (and I'm certainly not either), but God is.  He reminds me of the love He has for me, and how I should share that love with my kids.  And somehow, He gives me strength to function on 3 hours of sleep.  I am so thankful for God's provision, especially during hard weeks! 


Mostly still the same.  A couple nights Fynn went from 11pm to 3am without eating! 


Fynn is a man of extremes with the night time sleep. We have had a few nights this week where he only woke up to eat, which was amazing! When I wake up for the first time at 2:30am and I've gotten a 3 hour stretch of sleep in, I am like a new woman!! Buuuut, then the other nights, Fynn seriously has been up every 1-1.5 hours!! 
During the day, he still wakes up mid-nap, but he's usually pretty easy to get back to sleep.  


Fynn is tracking extremely well.  He follows us around and looks for us often.  He is still the smiliest little boy I've ever seen!  It's crazy how quickly you can see personalities come out.  Both Alynne and Fynnlan were and are chill babies, but Fynn is already so different than his sister was.  Fynn loves to hang out in the bouncer seat that Aly hated.  While we had to really work to get Aly to smile, you can just make eye contact with Fynn and breaks out in a grin.  That smile melts my heart!!


-First subway ride alone with Mami and Aly! 
-First trip to see the Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center (of course he was asleep though!)


His schedule hasn't really changed much, just thought I'd jot it down again. And of course, it's a very loose schedule.

8:00am feeding
9:00am nap
11:00am feeding
12:00pm nap
2:00pm feeding
3:00pm nap
5:00pm feeding
6;00pm nap
8:00pm feeding
8:15pm bedtime
11:00pm dreamfeed
2-3am feeding
5-6am feeding