Alynne Tiffany- 2 Years, 1 Month

This month has been a fun-filled month with lots of holiday fun! Here is a recap of things Alynne has said and done this past month!

-We took a trip to the Crayola Factory in Pennsylvania for her friend's birthday.

-The next day, we celebrated Alynne's birthday with lots of family and friends!  

-On Thanksgiving, I asked her what she was thankful for, she said "taxis!" Me too, baby girl.

-We spent Thanksgiving with friends this year since Lito and Lita were in Orlando.  It was very low-key and relaxing!

-Alynne developed an obsession with being swaddled in a giant blanket by Papi. 

-Aly got a minor cold earlier this month and sat with us during church.  She did really well and enjoyed all the singing, and even came home singing "Holy, Holy Holy."

-She calls hand sanitizer "handsitars"

-Her new favorite phrase is "be right back!"

-Aly loves to pretend to be scared and is constantly getting "scared" of the neighbors when she hears them outside.

-Alynne is truly my daughter.  Her OCD-ness has come out strong this month.  Everything has a place, and she knows it.  She particularly likes to make sure everything is closed.  If a drawer in the kitchen is left open she makes sure to close it.  She can't go to sleep if a closet door is cracked haha.  I hear the phrase "Mami, close that!" all the time!  She even told me to close her bagel the other morning (fold it in half haha).

-Per tradition, we took Aly to see Santa at Macy's on the night of the tree lighting.  This year, the Fields joined us, so Alynne had a great time.  I love that she's able to enjoy all the Christmas festivities more this year. 

-Speaking of J.D., those two are quite the pair.  Every time I pick Aly up from church or BSF nursery, all I hear about is how those two play together and hold hands nonstop!  She must ask for him at least once a day!

-Another favorite phrase of Aly's right now is, "it's so funny!"

-This month, Alynne has become incredibly defiant.  I think it's a bad combination of turning 2 and adjusting to a little brother haha.  She is constantly pushing her limits, says no constantly, and has also started to run away, ugh!  We are handling it all, but boy does it test our patience!

-To say "excuse me," Aly says "snee me"

-One afternoon, I went to get Aly up from her nap, and she had a massive rat's nest on top of her head.  It was so bad, I feared I was going to have to cut her hair! I asked Aly what had happened, and she proudly responded, "Aly make ball!!" Let's not make any more hair balls, love.

-One day, Aly was banging a toy really loudly, and I said, "Don't do that, it hurts Mami's ears." She quickly came over to inspect my ears and see if they were okay since they were "hurt" haha.

-Aly has also become very possessive.  Everything is "Aly's" these days.  One Sunday, Ron went to pick her up from the church nursery and the worker said that Aly had been going around the whole room saying, "This is Aly's, this is Aly's, this is Aly's..."

-One day Alynne burst into tears because I forgot to let her say goodnight to the Christmas tree.  

-Aly is a chatter box lately.  She loves to hold extensive conversations with her stuffed animals, and she is particularly attached to her Minion and Olaf. 

-One day, Aly was saying a word over and over, and we didn't understand her.  After a few minutes of us trying to guess what she was saying, she got up from the dinner table and acted it out for us, so we could understand that she was saying "slip" haha. 

-Alynne continues to be an amazing big sister.  She loves to help with Fynn and play with him!

-We celebrated Christmas with some of my side of the family this month.  Gigi, Bop, Aunt Lorrie, Chris, Uncle Jason, and Lexxie came to visit!  Aly had a blast playing with everyone, and we also took a trip to ride the Toys R Us ferris wheel one time before they close! 

-During the Christmas season we saw Santa, made a gingerbread house, watched a few classic Christmas shows (looooves Frosty), visited the Christmas tree at Rockefeller, and looked at the lights on 5th Ave.  It's been a fun season!  

What a wonderful month with our daughter!