Fynnlan Seeley- 9 Weeks

9 weeks old

Fynn is 9 weeks old today and officially two months old! This past week we celebrated Christmas! We went to Lito and Lita's house on Long Island.  It was Fynn's first visit there. He did so great in the car and while we were there! He even slept through sharing a room with Aly (she had a very rough night lol). It was so great for everyone to get love on and snuggle Fynn! We are so blessed to have such wonderful family! We'll be sad when they move!! 


Sometimes he stretches to 3.5 hours now, I mostly just let him tell me when he wants to eat, which is usually around 3 hours during the day.  At night, he does do a 4 stretch! 


I think I don't even know what is good sleep any more.  "Good" is very relative right now haha.  I think I should focus on the word "better" instead.  Fynn seems to be sleeping better overall at night.  He is waking up less, and when he does wake up, he usually just wants his paci and will go back to sleep quickly.  The fussiest part of the night is from 7am-8am.  He's still super sleepy, but starts getting really gassy at that time, so he fusses a lot, and often spends that last hour cuddled up on me! Nap time has perhaps gotten worse.  He rarely makes it through an entire nap without needing help going back to sleep. At least he is a bit more flexible about where he'll sleep as opposed to Aly; he'll sleep in the bassinet, arms, car seat, or carrier. 


Fynn started laughing this week!! It is the most precious thing ever.  I love seeing him smile and acting silly to make him laugh! He continues to be a happy baby =]


-First Christmas
-First laugh
-First bus ride

Here's some photos from this week!