Fynnlan Seeley- 1 Week

1 Week Old

Well I successfully made it an entire year of blogging weekly about Alynne, and I shall attempt to do the same thing with Fynnlan!  I can't believe he's already a week old!

The Birth

It's crazy how each pregnancy can be so different.  I spent the entire first trimester sick 24/7 with Fynn, while feeling perfectly fine with Aly.  I never had any braxton hicks contractions with Aly, I had a ton with Fynn.  Oddly enough I had way more energy at the end of my pregnancy with Fynn than Aly.  And in the week leading up to Fynn's birth, we had several false alarms where we thought for sure our little man was about to make his debut! Labor was also incredibly different this time around.
It was on my due date, October 28, around 3am that I woke up with very intense contractions. I got out of bed so I wouldn't wake Ron and started timing them.  By 3:45 I was in such pain that I woke Ron up for some moral support haha.  I kept pacing the apartment determined to keep these contractions going--I was going to do everything in my power to not have a 60 hour labor like I did with Aly!! By 4:15, I called the hospital and they told me to come in.  We waited for Shannon to arrive to stay with Aly until grandparents came, and then we made our way to the hospital. We got to the hospital by 5:30 and found triage completely empty, so we got right in.  At that time I was already at a 5 and they said that I would be staying (hooray!).  As soon as we got to our room, I was getting prepped to get an epidural.  I hadn't realized how nervous I would be about that.  With Aly, I had already been in labor so long and was so sleep deprived, I was desperate for some relief, even if that meant having a needle shoved in my back.  This time around, I was getting it before the pain was very intense, so I wasn't at the point of desperation yet, and I was incredibly scared to get the epidural haha.  Of course, it went fine, and as soon as it was done, I was so relieved I had gotten it.  It was also nice that I got it before the real painful contractions had set in, and it also seemed to be working more effectively this time around too.  I was borderline feeling normal until about 1pm when the contractions started getting really intense.  At that point I started cranking the epidural button, but I didn't know that sometimes if you don't rotate your body enough, the epidural can get one sided.  So my entire right side was completely numb, while I could feel everything on my left side! By the time I realized what was happening, it was too late to adjust things, so yet again, I felt everything when it was time to push (yikes!).  Around 3:15, I kept begging the doctor to let me push, but Fynn just wasn't far enough along.  She decided to let me go ahead and do a few trial pushes and see if things progressed any.  Less than 10 minutes and 3 contractions later we were holding our sweet boy!! Fynnlan weighed 7 lbs 2 oz and was 20.5 inches.  Ron and I both had similar reactions to his birth as with Aly--he was in tears of joy, while I was in pure and total shock.  Of course we were both thrilled to have him with us finally! We used to think Aly looked so much like Ron, and I didn't think it was possible for our children to look more like him, but apparently I was wrong because Fynn is just a teeny tiny version of Ron.  At least our kids have my straight hair ;)
We had to stay in the delivery room for almost 5 hours until I could regain feeling back into my right leg.  I felt like Ron after knee surgery trying to lift my leg and move it around haha.  Eventually we made it to the recovery side and Gigi and Bop brought Aly to all come meet Fynn.  Aly was very reserved and more interested in staying close to my side.  Fortunately we only had to stay in the hospital 24 hours because we were both doing so well! When we got home Lito and Lita were there to meet Fynn and Aly was much more excited to have her little brother around, she didn't want anyone else to hold him! 

1st Week

This first week has been just incredible.  Ron and I prayed that we would have a good perspective on this season of parenthood and not wish away the newborn days because of sleep deprivation.  And thankfully I have seen that to be true so far.  We are so loving all of the newborn snuggles and just sweet moments with him, and they quickly overshadow the tiredness we may feel.  We are even able to laugh about it when we are covered in pee and poop at 3am! We love our little boy so much, he is the perfect addition to our little family!


Fynnlan is doing so great at eating.  He latched on easily right away and has had no problems nursing.  In fact, he gained 9 ounces over the weekend! I am also thankful that he too is a very efficient eater.  He now takes about 10 minutes total to eat, which sure is nice during the middle of the night feedings.  He also has been going about 3 hour stretches at night, which is amazing! 


Fynn is doing pretty good with sleep.  Daytime is just fine, he sleeps in his bassinet or our arms no problem.  The first night he didn't want to sleep in his bassinet at all, so that meant we all took shifts staying awake and holding him all night, yikes (thank goodness Gigi and Bop have been here to help us!).  Over the course of this week he has gotten better and better with this though.  He now makes it all but about 1.5 hours in his bassinet at night! 


Fynn is an incredibly chill baby so far.  He rarely cries, except when we change his diaper or is hungry.  He is so content and even puts up with all of his sister's kisses, "ugga muggas", and pinky promises! 


-First time meeting Gigi, Bop, Lito, & Lita
-First halloween (spent asleep with Mami!)