Fynnlan Seeley- 2 Weeks

2 Weeks Old

Mr. Fynnlan is 2 weeks old today! I'm sure I'll say it a thousand times, but time is already flying by!  Already Fynn has a little double chin and is starting to get chubbier. This week I was slowly weaned of my help haha.  Gigi left on Saturday morning, and we enjoyed our first weekend just us four.  Then Monday was my first day home with Aly and Fynn.  So far, it has all gone really smoothly.  I'm thankful for the visitors that have come and played with Aly, afternoon naps, and 6:15 when Papi gets home!! 


God is so good because just as I was wondering how I would be able to manage taking care of Aly while having to rock or hold Fynn to sleep every time, he started putting himself to sleep on Saturday!  It has been great since then.  He needs me to reinsert his paci a few times, but then he falls asleep just fine in his bassinet, leaving me free to play with and care for Aly.  That has certainly made things easier.  This also helped with his night sleep, he finally started sleeping in his bassinet for the majority of the night.  He still needs held a couple times here and there, but it is a huge improvement to last week! 


Fynnlan eats about every 2.5-3 hours during the day and cluster feeds a bit in the evening.  At night he started eating a bit more frequently once he started sleeping in his crib (He was going 3 hour stretches, now its 2-3 hours). Can't have it all I guess haha.  


Fynn has started staying awake more.  He typically stays awake about 45 minutes before getting ready for a nap.  Sometimes he still goes straight back to sleep after feedings.  And from about 4:30-6:30 he just stays wide awake.  He's not super fussy during that time, just really awake.  That is also when Aly wakes up from her nap and I'm trying to get dinner and everything ready, so that is proving to be our most challenging time of the day! Overall, he is very happy when he's awake.  He's content to sit in his bassinet and soak in his surroundings (aka Sister in his face!)


-Met Uncle Jason today!