Tot School- November 2015 (2 Years Old)

Well, I am happy to say that we actually did almost all of this month's activities, and crammed into 3 weeks at that!  It was actually really great having some planned activities to do with Aly since we've been cooped up in the apartment all month (public transportation is not a newborn's best friend!).  So I have updated the post with some notes on how things went and pictures!

Am I crazy to think we'll be able to do tot school this month with a newborn in the house now? Haha, we'll see how much we actually get to, but I at least wanted to put together some plans to aim for this month, and so if anyone else is following along, you'll have them! 
So here are November's plans! As always, some of the printouts/activities are my own, and some are from the web.  I have linked all printouts and borrowed materials for easy access!

November 2015 Schedule

Here is this month's calendar.  Print it out and follow along! 

Supplies needed:
Dot markers
Construction paper
Egg carton
Food coloring
Paper or foam
Coffee filter
Felt- brown, tan, orange, yellow, red
Popcorn kernels

Verse: “Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good for His love endures forever!” -Psalm 107:1

Color: Brown
Color: Cafe

Letter: G, H, I
Letra: G, H, I

Shape: Star
Forma: Estrella

Number: 3
Numero: 3

Theme: Turkey, thanks
Tema: Pavo, gracia

Library Book List:
10 Fat Turkeys
I’m a Turkey
My First Thanksgiving
Over the River
Thank You Thanksgiving
The Thanksgiving Beast Feast
Turkey Trouble

Thanksgiving is for Giving Thanks
5 Silly Turkeys

Thank You Thanksgiving and 5 Silly Turkeys were definitely her favorites this month!  Aly really looks forward to our trips to the library now.  Whenever we arrive, she always exclaims, "new books!!" Love my little bookworm!

Music (circle time)

  • Turkey Trot (To the tune of the Hokey Pokey)

    • You put your right wing in,
      You put your right wing out,
      You put your right wing in,
      And you shake it all about.
      You do the turkey trot
      And you turn yourself around.
      That’s what it’s all about!
      Additional verses: Left wing (left arm), drumsticks (legs), stuffing (tummy),
      wattle (head), tail feathers (bottom), turkey body (whole self).

  • Gobbly, Wobbly Turkeys (tune:  Ten Little Indians)

    • One little, two little, three little turkeys,
      Gobbly, wobbly, bobbly turkeys,
      It's Thanksgiving Day!

  • I Eat Turkey (tune:  Frere Jacques)

    • I eat turkey,  (point to self)
      I eat turkey.  (point to self again)
      Yes, I do,   (nod head)
      Yes, I do  (nod head
      Turkey in my tummy.  (rub tummy)
      Yummy, yummy, yummy.
      Good for me  (point to self)
      Good for you  (point to others)

      I Eat Turkey was our favorite song this month.  She really loves songs that have motions!

Fine Motor/Worksheets

  • G Dot Art

    • Use dots or stickers to decorate printout 

  • H Dot Art

  • I Dot Art

    • Use dots or stickers to decorate printout 

  • 3 Dot Art

    • Use dots or stickers to decorate printout 

  • G letter recognition

    • Use dot marker to identify the letter G 

  • H Letter Recognition

  • I Letter Recognition

    • Use dot marker to identify the letter I 

  • Star coloring sheet

    • Decorate with torn up brown paper 

  • Brown coloring sheet

  • Turkey coloring

    Just a random note, Alynne is currently obsessed with the gray marker haha.  It takes some coaxing to get her to use anything else these days!


  • G Sorting Mat    

    • Place the corresponding small colored grapes on the large grapes. 

  • H Sorting Mat

    • Place the corresponding small colored hearts on the large hearts.

  • I Sorting Mat

    • Place the corresponding small colored ice cream cones on the large ice cream cones. 

  • GHI Sorting Mat

    • Place the corresponding small letters on the large letters. 

  • Turkey Feather Counting

    • Use attached turkey bodies with numerals 1-6. Have child place the correct number of feathers on each turkey. 

  • Acorn Sorting

    • Place one acorn into each egg carton hole using tongs

  • Water Numbers

    • On white paper, write big, bold numbers in white crayon. Invite your child to paint on the paper with colored water (you can use food coloring or watercolors). The numbers will appear magically! 

      With the The Turkey Feather Counting activity, I definitely had to help Aly count out the correct feathers, and it was too difficult to glue behind the turkey, so we just stuck them on the front! =]
      Aly loved the acorn sorting.  I showed her once how to scoop up the acorns and release them into the carton, and then she was able to do it!  She repeated this activity over and over again.
      The water numbers was very cool, but Aly was more interested in playing with the water than painting the paper!


  • G is for Goose

    • Cut a “G” out of paper or foam. Decorate by gluing white feathers onto the “G.”

  • H is for Hay

    • Cut an “H” out of paper or foam. Decorate by gluing yellow strips of paper onto the “H.”

  • I is for Ice Cream

    • Cut an “I” out of paper or foam. Decorate by gluing sprinkles onto the “I.”

  • Coffee Filter Turkey

    • Give the child a coffee filter and allow them to color all over it with a brown, yellow, orange, and red marker. Then, allow them to drop water all over it using medicine droppers/medicine syringes. Watch the colors run and travel through the coffee filter. Let filter dry. Make a turkey body out of construction paper and attach it to the dried coffee filter. Source

  • Star stamping

    • Cut a potato in half. Then carefully cut a star shape into a potato. (Hint: draw a star on the potato half first, then cut!) Invite your child to stamp stars onto paper with some paint. I chose brown since it's the color of the month. Source

  • Hand/Foot Turkey

    • Stamp child’s hands in red and orange paint and then onto paper’s center in a fan shape. These are the turkey’s feathers. Stamp child’s foot in brown paint. This is the body of the turkey. Draw eyes, beak, and face on turkey as desired.

  • Corn Painting

    • Use a corn cob as a paint roller to create paintings.

      With the coffee filter turkey, I don't think we had enough marker coloring on it to make it turn out really pretty haha.  
      We never made it to the star stamping.
      The Hand/foot Turkey was so cute! Aly of course loves anything to do with paint, especially painting her feet!
      The corn painting was also a success, just had to remind her not to eat it every now and then.


  • Turkey felt play

    • Create a large felt turkey with removable face

  • Turkey Hunt

    • Hide these turkeys around the room and have child find the turkeys and bring them back to you. 

  • Thanksgiving Sensory Bin

    • Fill with popcorn kernels, mini gourds, fake leaves, feathers, scoops

  • Turkey playdoh

    • Add feathers and googly eyes to any kind of playdoh. Recipe

  • Cranberry Bog

    • Provide your child with a bag of cranberries and a tub of water. Allow them to scoop and dump the water and cranberries with various kitchen tools. Source

I didn't get brown felt until the last week of November, so I never ended up making the turkey (but our pumpkin stayed up all November haha!).
We had a good time building turkeys out of playdoh! 

And finally, here are some pictures of her finished products!