38 Weeks W/Fynn

Today I am 38 weeks pregnant with Fynnlan!  It seems so surreal that we are in the very final stretch of this pregnancy now.  It really truly has flown by this time around!  I am feeling pretty good considering I'm two weeks out and still chasing around a very active toddler! We are SO excited for Fynn to be here now, it's all we talk about these days.

Even though I am super excited for Fynnlan to be here, I must say that this week, pure terror has set in for me.  I remember being so anxious and excited for Aly to be born, and then when labor started, I was just so eager for them to admit me into the hospital that I never really stopped to be scared or think about what really was about to happen.  Then when once I was admitted, I remember how hard it hit me that I was about to give birth and I remember telling Ron how scared I was! Well, those feelings have come early this time around haha.  I had such a long, hard labor with Aly, so those memories have come flooding back lately.  I'm really praying that this time around is much faster!  Of course, I am very excited too, and I keep imagining what it will be like to hold my sweet boy in my arms. I am ready for some newborn snuggles!!  I also can't wait to see if he has a full head of hair =]

On a different note, I think we now officially have everything done and ready for him to come home!  It's funny because with Alynne I had everything washed and set up ready to go probably 2 months before her arrival haha.  But I am thankful everything has gotten done! I think the only things left on my to-do list before he comes are to make Aly's halloween costume and finish up work training!  =] 

We have finished up Fynn's little nook now, so I wanted to share some pictures!  

Here is his nook in all it's splendor!  It's small, but I think it's actually more space than his sister had haha.  We hung curtains to section off the back half of the room to leave as storage and such, so the front half is his space! 

Here are some closer looks inside the nook! 

And lastly, just some close ups of the canvases and mobile that I made for his room!