Alynne Tiffany- 23 Months

23 months old

Yesterday Alynne turned 23 months! It is hard to believe that she will be 2 next month and also a big sister very soon!! Here are some highlights from the last month:

-Aly calls pants "pantson"

-She started telling me stories this month.  One time she said "Tickle Aly armpit."  and I asked her if she wanted me to tickle her, and she said, "No, Fairley and JD tickled Aly armpit!" 

-We also had a really bad accident on some stairs earlier this month, and Aly still tells everyone she sees about it and requests bandaids.  One of her stories went like this: "Aly fell. Stairs. Yellow stroller.  Ground. Hurt.  Papi come down stairs and I'm okay!"

-Along with that story, we have definitely seen how Papi has become quite the hero in her eyes lately.  She often tells me she's scared (pretend or real) and begs for Papi to come save her!

-We spent the first part of this month in a horrible nap cycle.  Fortunately it has been a lot better in the last week or so.  There for awhile Alynne was only napping maybe 3 days of the week!! That was a rough stint.  

-Alynne is certainly a city kid.  She loves to play with her metrocard and pretend to swipe it to get on the bus!

-One day we were on the bus, and we bumped heads a little bit.  I said "ouch!" and Aly then climbed into my lap and hugged and patted me and then started caressing my face saying "Aww, Mami's head! It's okay!"  Sweet girl. 

-Aly is obsessed with singing her ABC's.  She probably sings it 50 times a day.  

-Alynne started a new after dinner game with Papi where she makes various hand gestures and has him mimic her.  She thinks it's too funny!

-She knows our apartment number, and when I ask her she says "5. Eeeeeeee. Yeah!"

-This month Alynne has spent a lot of time with friends while I try to get everyone trained for my maternity leave.  She has done so great with it all and been very flexible, but through all of this I see what a big girl she is turning into.  She never cries and is actually eager to go to her BSF class on Tuesdays.  Sometimes I'm lucky if I get a little hug bye.  She has also ridden the bus and walked to Shannon's without a stroller or anything this month.  Tuesday when the bus pulled up and she just grabbed Shannon's hand and waltzed onto the bus confidently without looking back, I just about cried!  She's getting entirely too big!! 

Oh how we love our sweet growing girl!