Jackson Graham- Week 43

43 weeks old

Jackson is 43 weeks old. This week we started our trip to visit family. We spent the weekend in Texas with Tio Kevin, Tia Beverly, and his cousins. After that, we made our way to Oklahoma to visit more family and friends here! Jackson did really great on both flights. He is certainly getting more wiggly on airplanes, but overall it wasn’t too bad. This is Jackson’s first time in both Texas and Oklahoma. So now Jackson has been to 13 states!

Overall, Jackson has been pretty cranky this whole trip haha. I’m sure it’s because we have been out and about most days and naps have been all over the place. He is also becoming increasingly more attached to his momma!

When J isn’t being cranky, he has had lots of fun playing with family and friends. He loved swinging, and loves any chance that he can be in a pool!

Last thing—we got the results back, and Jackson does qualify for Early Intervention, though not for PT. The results were quite the surprise for us, and we will be attempting to reevaluate him for PT, and hopefully get him all the services he needs. This process has been extremely frustrating and difficult to navigate. After we get through the next few steps with this, I plan to post a more detailed blog about this whole thing. In the meantime, we’d love prayers for J’s development!

Love his little facial expressions!
Slide time!